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Virtual Realities by marmotte

Virtual Realities

Virtual Realities
À propos de cet album

Hard to decide witch track and where, so many people I loved listening to.
Well this is my first album, because I'm lazy and I've never clicked so far from now on. Thanks so much to all those involved here and so many others on this beautiful place. Whoever you are, hope you'll enjoy - Another album coming soon... if I survive publishing this one ! marmotte créé par marmotte on 4 nov. 2018

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Artistes impliqués

Beautiful songs from a beautiful lady


Chronique par TeeGee le 5 nov. 2018

Very cool collection of songs, very good musicianship, and really good sound quality. Well done to everyone who is on this album!!

A Superb Album


Chronique par Ernie440 le 4 nov. 2018

It has to be superb, marmotte is singing on it! I'm so happy and honored to be playing on several songs of this excellent musician!

An amazing album


Chronique par Pewi le 4 nov. 2018

An amazing album, no wonder with such an amazing singer! I feel honored to be a part of this collection.

Hollgaer !


Chronique par ERWAN le 4 nov. 2018

Usually on a track ,your voice brings cohesion. In this case it's on the whole of an album. It's a precious chance to have you on our side my friend

Great voice, great choice


Chronique par Fivestringer le 4 nov. 2018

Enjoyed it in one take, and what a pleasure it is listening your album. As my title said, you have a great voice and put together a great choice, magnifique!

What a great album!


Chronique par wjl le 4 nov. 2018

And what a nice surprise to hear this on this early Sunday morning! Great music from my fellow Wikiloops members, and wow, what an honour to even be included into this! Instantly wrote a short note over on my blog at https://wolfgang.lonien.de/2018/11/virtual-realities-by-marmotte/ as well. Album of the day (week, month?) - merci ma chère! :)

Great singer


Chronique par Marceys le 4 nov. 2018

I love your way of singing, your way of using harmonics is really special and than your rhythmical timing comes along... just great!

So glad to hear this great collection


Chronique par Wade le 10 oct. 2021

So many tracks I'd missed that make up this collection.

Borrow in a virtual reality


Chronique par StJray le 24 déc. 2018

There are people who stand out for their exceptional talent! This is the case here of Charlotte '' which I am a fan ''! Special thanks to Marmotte and all the other participants for this wonderful album which I am very honored to be part of! Ray


Chronique par patb le 30 nov. 2018

Magnifique album, et quelle voix :-)
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