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Challenging the songs.

Challenging the songs.
à propos de cet album:
Album of the Wikichallenge with Friends Here Katell29, Jujudusud, Chris-B, Roy Deckard, Alwax,Vérorock, LKHotstone, Ryko,Doom,K-13, Arny.
Our versions of 8 songs choosen by all !
Artwork by Sara Abrams.Evilvince créé par Evilvince on 08/15/2017

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Ecoutes: 476 fois

Artistes impliqués:
Dafunkydrummer Danalyze45 Evilvince akethesnaker mesgone3_19 Lenny Cowler jmrukkers frankiejazz adu Offfocus kennyadry mpointon Reaper421 shumdrummer

Nice Idea!


Chronique par adu le 08/15/2017

Hey Vince, nice idea from all of you. And thanks for choosen one of my templates, it s a honor for me :)



Chronique par Offfocus le 08/15/2017

Hi Guys .. great album .. lots of fun to listen to!! And .. of course .. thanks guys, that I was allowed t take part!!

wonderful music ;o)


Chronique par Uloisius le 01/27/2018

sitting here with my cup of coffee and listen to the album ... very nice ;o)
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