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What was then now it is by GemmyF

what was then now it is

what was then now it is
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WOW. Why should you listen to this whole album. Good Question!!! Well hummm, how about that the music on this is just FLAT out Beautiful. All the People that played on this really put their self into creating such beautiful and unique work. I'm happy to be able to put my spin on what they've done with mostly my vocals and some guitar. This album is as varied as the 24 hours in a day, if you pay attention to such things.
Players---thanks so much for your awesome music you've poured forth! Listeners---Thank You for your ear and hopefully your heart! Much Love to you all. GemmyF GemmyF créé par GemmyF on 5 juin 2017

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Artistes impliqués

Great !


Chronique par ARNOSOLO le 17 nov. 2017

Thx a lot my friend for this superb album. I'm honored to be inside this one ;)

Don't stop here.


Chronique par Bothen le 17 avr. 2017

By that title I mean check out all of Jim's albums. You won't be disappointed.

Fantastic collection


Chronique par TeeGee le 17 avr. 2017

I listened to it twice back to back, I like it a lot!

Glad to be in' Gemmy :)


Chronique par GuitarPlyr le 9 mars 2017

You're great, much love to you too :)



Chronique par GoneUser_200920 le 9 mars 2017

Nice work Jim songs for the heart and soul ... G

My friend Jim ( Arte en estado puro)


Chronique par ivax le 8 mars 2017

Jim, I'm so lucky to be able to play with an excellent person and musician like you....Gracias amigo

A Musical Pantheon.


Chronique par Wade le 8 mars 2017

So many fine players all brought together by our prolific GemmyF. A pleasure to be included in such an august group.


Chronique par davidaustin le 8 mars 2017

Thank you for the inclusion Jim, love the way you go about your creations, keep them coming..
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