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9 pistes trouvées
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  1. Jazz-Rock jamtrack #59721
    Melodica, Violine & Percussion: Pexe
    Ressemble:"eletric blues" "rock freestyle" "experi
  2. Unplugged jamtrack #19181
    Percussion: rastafari
    Melodica: Bassbob
    Mesure: 4/4 
    Tempo: 100 BPM 
  3. Unplugged jamtrack #61435
    Percussion & Melodica: Maccaferri01
  4. Reggae jamtrack #4027
    Batterie: Baer
    Guitare: Rich
    Vocals: MrSnuts
    Basse & Melodica: simmerdown
    Percussion: MrAdamOnDrums
    Mesure: 4/4 
    Tempo: 120 BPM 
  5. Reggae jamtrack #21717
    Clavier & Vocals: RobH
    Percussion: nofish
    Batterie: Baer
    Basse: Dick
    Melodica: I-Shanti
    Tempo: 80 BPM 
  6. Unplugged jamtrack #59740
    Melodica, Violine & Percussion: Pexe
    Batterie: indica2015
    Tempo: 140 BPM 
    Ressemble:Freestyle Drum Harmonica
  7. Classical jamtrack #43120
    Violine, Percussion & Clavier: woXey
    Melodica: bleymehl
  8. Electronic jamtrack #10297
    Guitare: qiss
    Percussion: mandolodda
    Vocals: irlenn
    Melodica: Neddings
    Mesure: 4/4 
    Tempo: 80 BPM 
  9. Punk-Rock jamtrack #215371
    Batterie: nofish
    Percussion, Basse, Guitare & Melodica: Stood-Up
    Mesure: 4/4 
    Tempo: 230 BPM 
    Clé: null major 
    Ressemble:Fast Punk, Ska wishin, Melodica Lovin!

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