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's'all i need on the floor

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Avril 15 2020 15:47:33
kimbo Not the rolls royce that tof uses, but a much more affordable option. And plenty enough for someone who doesnt really like pedals.
Amazed everyone jumped on this one and not the parrot's beak showing 85%.
Avril 15 2020 19:07:44
TeeGee yes...I have decided to go for the Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer - Amp Modeler, I'll hunt for a used one. I made a list of pedals that I could sell, I guess it will get me around 350-400 €, so from there its not that much. only now with the corona I need to wait...but I lust after that thing :D +0 utilise des Cookies pour vous apporter la meilleure expérience de navigation.
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