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the first still i ever built

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Cool! What do you use to make your wash?+1
Mars 27 2020 15:07:23
kimbo Oxidised cider for calvados....stripped then essential oils extracted. Or for straight vidka/ gin its run in reflux mode on sugar wash, up to 96.8 pure! With botanicals in a gin basket over the reflux condencer. Then cut with cornish well water... +1
Mars 27 2020 15:08:27
kimbo Thats the theory anyhow...taken me 2 years to build it from bits n pieces left over from various jobs. +1
Mars 27 2020 15:09:48
kimbo ...its 8' high and the main tube is 3" copper. +1
Mars 27 2020 16:13:00
Ernie440 Nice!! Useful science for a change!! :D 96.8% haha!!! So for your gin ... juniper berries, dried lemon and orange peel maybe?? What else might you add? That is a monster machine at 8 ft! oh my. +0
Mars 27 2020 17:27:11
kimbo juniper
black peppercorns

the height means i can really get the reflux going which, the numbers tell me should take me way above where i could go with it in pot still mode. but with the gin basket in the primary run should mean only one run to do!
Mars 27 2020 17:35:15
Ernie440 Sounds like a sweet set up to me. Peppercorns I haven't used and coriander I can never find even though my garden is full of cilantro every year. Ridiculous.
I tried just a couple star anise (just for kicks recently and it was nauseating .. not doing that again. over powering. Thanks for sharing!
Mars 27 2020 18:45:01
kimbo Cilantro is corriander....use the root or the seed.

...what kinda still do you run?
Dude !!! ôÔ use raspberries and i'll be right over ;)+0
Mars 27 2020 09:32:50
kimbo Consider it done...IF.. wikfeat hapoens..I'll sure bring some over with me. +1
Mars 27 2020 09:43:33
kimbo See this is what happens when i get too much time on my hands!;) +2
I was wondering what that was, and yup, my first guess would have been correct!:)+0
"it's not what i believe it is, is it?" were my thoughts before reading the other comments... :D
It is. :D
Mars 27 2020 15:12:17
kimbo Pity you dont drink mate....
But anyhow ill be bringing (travel allowing) some sour dough culture which was started on your sons birthday. I thought it was time fir a new one, as my last one was 16 years old and from london yeasts...this is from my cider must.
Mars 27 2020 19:33:26
Dick does look as if you picked up some bread making skills whilst in germany ;)
I thought englishmen cut the "crust" off of toast, yours looks different :)
Mars 27 2020 19:47:13
kimbo Ive made sourdough bread for years. If the yeasts are from your area, chances are you'll be imune to any ill effects of yeasts by virtue of the fact that youve been breathing them for years.

Btw...think you're on the wrong pic.
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