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Hanika 58 CC

This baby sounds so heartbreaking beautiful... only my guilty conscience about the tropical woods, hmmm She's challenging concerning technic of left hand but if you manage it, she richly gifts you with a sound you'll fall on your knees :)

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After a long time playing the Takamine EF300PS, I'm somehow obsessed from the warm, crystal clear sound of cedar wood. No need to check spruce. Did it while my apprentice years by guitars from my teacher. Ordered it by thomann and got overwhelmed from this excellent sound. But it needed a long period for me to change the habits on left hand after the comfortable fretboard from the Godin or the small one from the Takamine. She needs more force and absolut accuracy in left hand, otherwise you still produce noise. But if you manage this guitar, the world of beautiness of sound is unlocked and you will still fall in love, even though she's really not a beauty :)+2
Juillet 08 2019 12:51:57
ROBJOL Maybe the guitar needs adjustment of the rear saddle? I bought a Taylor classical guitar and it was hard to play. After "sanding" the rear saddle it changed completely the touch on the neck. +0
Looks beautiful!!+0

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