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Love Train 1975 i`m left ( ha ha )

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It was a great age.+1
Juillet 01 2020 16:27:04
peatric Yes my friend Paolo, that was it ... we were free in the music scene ... my colleagues from the left. my person Rolf Schumacher (guitar, vocals), Walter Günter (keyb vocals), Kees Cestony, lead vocals (from les humphries singers), Curvin, (studio drummer from boney m), Rainer Schwitalla, bass, guitar, vocals (studied music producer, among others) for priscilla presley, see comclip music, Spulerweg, Haan), Manfred Hennsing (saxophone), Wolfgang Jülke, / vocals and guitar +1
Juillet 01 2020 16:32:08
pber I was a child in that geological era. Music was sometimes naive, but musicians always had a personality that I miss today.
You were beautiful, my friends, also a bit trash :), but beautiful. I miss '70...
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