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A Day on the Beach with the Gillan Miller Band, Guitars on the Beach 2018, Thanks to Richard for the Wikiloops Banner.

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Thank you Mr.Austin!!!+1
Juin 19 2018 19:07:37
davidaustin Hey Richard, a great day with lots of guitarists, Wikiloops was put in a good place for you:D:D +0
Awesome...and the Wikiloops banner is great:D
Great PR:D
Juin 19 2018 19:09:16
davidaustin The Young lady on stage is Rock legend Ian Gillan`s daughter Grace,
they were awesome:D:D
Been a long time since I've been on stage with a band. Was doing open mics and playing acoustic out east. Made a lot of friends that way.+1
Juin 18 2018 07:04:19
davidaustin This is a guitar gathering, The band I play in (the house band) played 9 songs for the band on the sand to play along with us, it is a Family day out and lots of fun.:) +0
Love that stage :W
Cool David :D :W :D
Juin 17 2018 22:57:46
davidaustin It was great fun, we had many super bands.
very hard work but a great atmosphere.:D:D

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