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cool stuff!!!+2
Telecaster & strat. Beautiful instruments.+2
Black Beauty’s <3+1
nice pair!!+1
Those are some of best...right there! I love Maple fingerboard's myself!<3 :)+1
Mai 03 2018 11:41:21
FrankieJ Me too:) +2
Nice guitars man !:)+1
Black mapple power+1
is the Strat a hard tail?
only recently (last year) discovered that the are quite nice... never really been a Strat guy before, but all the ones I tried had a whammy bar
Mai 03 2018 21:22:37
FrankieJ It came with standard bridge and tremelo. I'm not real fond of stock strat tremelos so I removed it and secured the bridge (blocked it).
The reason I did that was when bending a string the bridge would swivel, effectively making the note go flat. I even tried 5 heavy springs to no avail.
Drove me crazy so I just tightened the bridge all the way down so it would not move.
I guess it would qualify as a hard tail now.
I will give you my black Squier Jazz Bass it will fit very well with your girls :)+1
Mai 05 2018 08:26:36
FrankieJ And I will gratefully accept it and place it in the middle surrounded by love :)

Notice the cosmetic flaws on the fretboard? The wife said I should return it, but I said maybe be more valuable in 50 years.
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