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this white ?? it's bold !! :D i'm more a natural finish kind of dude ;)+1
Juillet 03 2017 22:44:17
FrankieJ Yes it is bright but more glossy than the picture.
I always wear sunglasses when playing anyway :)
Is it the new one?+1
Octobre 04 2017 20:47:33
FrankieJ Yes the new baby.
Poor picture quality. It is much more glossy :)
Octobre 04 2017 20:51:54
Tofzegrit I'm focus on this model from years now! +1
Hey! I have got one like this one. (Multiac SA nylon). Nice guitar.+1
Mars 09 2018 10:28:32
FrankieJ Got it little over a year ago.
Also have an old Godin Acousticaster.
Love the Godins :)
Mars 09 2018 11:24:10
ROBJOL Godin guitars are built 50 km from my house.
I plan to visit them this summer.
I have 2 Godins. Multiac Jazz and LGX-SA.Not in white of course.
Due to the humbucker, piezo and 13-pin synth connection, they are versatile.
Mai 13 2020 10:20:09
FrankieJ I haven't played the Multiac Jazz. I'm interested in that model. +0
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