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wikiloops News Summer 2019

Dear fellow Wikilonians

After a CRAYZY first half of the year, with the new V11 software update, major server crash, server migration and lots of other technical stuff, plus the regular day-to-day-running-Wikiloops stuff, all done while working and trying to have some sort of a private family life, Dick has retreated to a well-deserved summer break. Therefore today I (TeeGee) have to honour to present the Wikiloops Summer News blog.
Not only is it scorching hot here in Europe (at last), but we have got some ooooh aaaah aaaaah scorching hot items on the menu today:

  • A new player joined the moderator band

  • New Wikiloops smilies

  • The aftermath of the April near-apocalypse & the great Wikiloops community

  • Summer Summer Summer

WJL (a.k.a Wolfgang) joined the mod team

The mod team decided that we needed reinforcement, and decided to add Wolfgang to our mod band. To those who are not familiar with him, Wolfgang is a cool bass player, a doting father, a cat lover, a great photographer and most important, a really genuinely nice guy. Check out his profile page with a link to his website, some cool stuff to see there and some cool music on his track list. https://www.wikiloops.com/artist/wjl.php.

Welcome Wolfgang :W

When wikiloops smiles, everybody smiles

Last year Dick challenged me to create a new smilie emoji for Wikiloops. I had never done such a thing before, but I started dabbling with it and found it quite difficult - but also very interesting. The main difficulty is the size, it's so small that it makes it difficult to see any details once you view it in real size. Smilies used here are animated gifs, basically a number of single pictures played like a movie. This is how cartoons used to be made before it all went computer and 3D. For my "Jimi" smilie I used 7 pictures, played with a delay of 0.1 sec. I created it using Photoshop, but obviously there are many programs that can do it.

After hundreds of generated "Jimi" gifs I finally got it where I wanted it, and decided to put it in the forum and see if someone else might be interested in chipping in. Navota answered the call and we ended up with 4 new Wikiloops smilies that I am proud to introduce here:

The Jimi, the Wow, the Flute and Piano Pacman:

:J <W :-- :Z
They are now part of the Wikiloops smilies band if you want to use them check out the help page showing you the keystrokes:
Thank you Navota, and you all have fun with the smilies :J

The aftermath of the April near-apocalypse & the great Wikiloops community

The horrible April crash is something that Dick discussed in the previous news item. The good news are: it seems that most of the problems have been solved by now - but it was a big shock to us all. So why am I writing about it again? Since that eventful April day there have been over 40 reported tickets in the forum, and many more in PMs to the mod team. Without the help of the people reporting these bugs and testing the fixes again and again, we would not have been able to fix all the problems by now. Although I am not surprised about it, it was still wonderful to see that Loopers were not getting angry and disgruntled like we are seeing on other platforms once things do not go the way people think they should do. On the contrary, people were happy to help!
And this is the beauty of wikiloops to me personally (other than the music): People of all colours, sexes, ages, countries, religions and whatnot can come together here, encourage each other, help out, be patient and supportive - basically it's like I would have liked it to be everywhere on earth. So the metaphor for me is that wikiloops is like an oasis, a beautiful garden with birds, squirrels, armadillos and a fishpond, in the middle of a hot and hostile concrete desert city, tended for by a wonderful bunch of hobby gardeners.
So, a big thank you to all the bug fixers, bug reporters and testers, it would have been difficult to do it without you. So please keep on doing what you do, and to everybody reading this: please keep donating to wikiloops so we can all enjoy this wonderful place.

Summer Summer Summer

Whoa 33 °C / 98°F today, summer has hit the northern hemisphere at last and for me it means staying inside and eating a lot of ice pops and listening to wikiloops radio wearing shorts. I hope you all enjoy the weather, maybe go away for a holiday on the beach? Whatever you do, make sure to protect your skin from the UV light on these sunny days, drink lots of water, wear a hat and don't swim directly after eating.
The wikiloops mod team wishes you a great time, have fun and be happy as much as you can!

Write a comment below, click a like, and I will see you out there on a track soon
Peace and love, TeeGee


Glad to read all these good news in a single post :D
Long live rock'n roll :-- :J
Wonderful to hear good news and that the Northern Hemisphere is (hopefully) enjoying the pleasures of summer. Have survived Vanuatu as they stopped eating people there about the time someone landed on the moon. A very different sort of "village people". Musically very interesting. Will try to edit up a clip (within the next year or so...Ha!).+3
Juillet 01 2019 09:48:11
TeeGee Yeah somewhere in Vanuatu someone is telling their friends that they survived Wade :D +3
Hmm - any chance of submitting some more smilies? I have one in mind for us bass players...+3
Juillet 01 2019 14:20:31
wjl [img]https://wolfgang.lonien.de/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/dblbass.gif[/img] [img]https://wolfgang.lonien.de/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/jazzbass.gif[/img] - not mine, but still cute...
or something like [img]https://wolfgang.lonien.de/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/embarrassed.gif[/img] for an "ooops", or for being embarrassed? :)
Juillet 01 2019 14:36:11
TeeGee lol there is always a chance for new ones... have a look at the thread from 2018 - if it fits the size/type/colours (more or less) as outlined, and is made by you (not copied from the web) then why not. But you got to be patient :D . https://www.wikiloops.com/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=1679 +2
thank your for summing up & the good advice (liked the "don't eat and swim"-bit)
well done, Sir :J
Juin 30 2019 22:00:56
TeeGee Always happy to help, Sir ;) +1
nice to read this Teeeeeee :) You want some more icepops ? :)in the wiki fridge.....+2
Juillet 01 2019 08:56:28
TeeGee Oh yes :) +1
Thanks for the warm welcome mates - and it's a pleasure and an honour to join this band :)+2
Juillet 01 2019 05:41:27
Wade You are such a welcome addition! +2
Juillet 01 2019 14:09:28
GrooveEnth Agreed - a most excellent addition to the team :-) +2
Thank you TG, thank you Wolfgang :J
Glad to know you’re in the place for helping Richard
Welcome Wolfgang.
Your final word is a reflection of what is happening here.
Presence and kindness.
Two precepts that will take care of you and a beautiful mission :)
Juillet 01 2019 18:25:42
TeeGee Amen +1
Juillet 01 2019 18:50:15
titi :D +0
Thanks for the excellent update TeeGee and congrats Wolfgang!!!:) A great site needs a great team running it and it is obvious the loops have that well covered.:W+2
Juillet 02 2019 11:39:31
TeeGee Thank you, so kind :) +1
Hei together, really a cool work of all, thank you very much for that. I have of course the most joy in the flute Emoji❤️🎶🎶+2
Juillet 02 2019 11:39:11
TeeGee Lol I guess you and Navota are the main users of this smilie, but I am sure we will find other uses for it too :D +1
Juillet 03 2019 09:21:35
Navota don't forget hififlutes the fluteplayer how makes his own :-- flutes +2
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