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They called their song "Fried Brain"... now watch this!

Hello, friends of wikiloops!
Today you'll get to see part five of the video collaboration series, and,
well, you'll notice either way, I am a little excited about this fifth chapter of our series.
Let's recollect really quick: We've seen disco funk, straight-ahead rock, heartfelt blues and happy reggae so far - and today we'll see and hear something that started out with a drum template by WhiteDrum55 which was initially labelled as "medium funky songo"... Just watch what the collaborators added, and you'll agree the change of title to "Fried Brain" most likely relates to the effort that went into this tune.
Or, to say it with Frank Zappa: "Now this is a hard one to play!", yet so much fun to watch (in my humble, personal opinion).
Enough said, now you see for yourself:


Now, just a little quick additional info besides the video series which has been taking the center of attention in our news lately:
Of course there are some more things worth reporting about what is going on around wikiloops, but I'll probably offer those in a separate post in a little while. The only issue that slowly seems a bit pressing is the nearing 5th wikiloops member meeting, so I felt like reminding everyone that slots are getting rare (4 beds left at this time), so, if you'd like to join us in Steinfeld, this year, please make sure to get in touch quickly! More info on the meeting is available here:

Last, I'd like to share this picture uploaded by DavidAustin with you, along with one more big Thank You! for presenting wikiloops.com at this years "GuitarsOnTheBeach" festival in England, which he has been co-hosting:

Wishing you and your families a relaxed and sunny summer season (or an equally relaxed winter season if you happen to be on the southern half of this globe, it's still hard to keep that in mind at all times),
and please don't forget to show some love for our video group :)

traditional stats of the day:
110,856 tracks online on wikiloops
52,820 members
2,502 active musical contributors
252 people in "supporting member" status


Brilliant. So good to see Wikiloops getting some of the promotion it deserves.

And as for the video... This is, as they say in the world of Snooker, 'top draw' play. And that is what this is: top draw. Outstanding from every musician.
Si les marmottes chantaient comme ça chez-nous on ferait bien attention de ne pas les écraser sur nos routes...+1
Amazing, great work from all :W :Y+1
Definition: Outstanding
1. exceptionally good: "the team's outstanding performance"synonyms: excellent, marvelous, magnificent, superb, fine B)
Mojito for all !+2
Wow... Professional level performance not to be doubted. It makes you want to dance.
The editing is beautiful. Girls are made to sing together. I want them in my choir. :) Well done, everybody. Who chose the type of music?
Great sounds from everyone.+2
:W <3 :Y best video yet+2
Very cool video and musicians!! so good :)+2
Music jams around the world....now who would have thought that:D:D<3 super jam from you all:D+2
Juin 23 2018 14:18:46
OliVBee thanks for spreading the wikiloops concept :) +2
Juin 23 2018 23:13:22
davidaustin I learn from you all, Thank you for all the wonderful music:D:D +2
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