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Invitation to Reggae Town

Hello, friends of wikiloops :)

Today, I have the pleasure to present to you the fourth video of our current video collaboration series.

After we've been taken to the disco in the first video,
played it loud with the rock folks and
went to the crossroads with the blues gang,
we'll be visiting the reggae corner of the 'loops today.

Please give a warm hand for this band:


Again, many thanks to the participants and
to all who have been supporting the 'loops in the past seven years.

Dare to share the hare if you like :P Thank you :)


fantastic!!!! :D::)+2
Ganja for all :)+3
Very nice.
Ha! Ha! When I saw that there was a video including Shi I said to myself: "I will finally see her face" You had me Shi. Very nice tea pot...
a great reggae from you all...;););)+4
Really nice job guys ,Dick enjoyed your take command playing. G+3
;) I really like it ;)+3
It's so fun to see the people behind the music, each one in their own country. Cool music and perfect for the summer. :) Also very nice work on the video making itself. chapeau ^^. I love the tea pot and the dog.+3
Wonderful jam. Great track awesome musicians. Real prof and entertaining video. :Y:W+4
Whaou !!!! Amazing jam !! Great idea and great musicians :Y+4
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Stef from Italy

"If someone had told me that one day I played with musicians from all over the world I would have taken for a madman. Today this is real! Thanks Dick "

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