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Here is the link
to a Marco Minnerman video .Love watching other drummers ,it is a chance to pick up new ideas . Of course ,the implementation is another factor.
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Not heard of Marco but I've certainly heard of Guthran Govie - a phenomenal and incredibly versatile guitarist. Up there with the finest players in the world for me. A kind of Gavin Harrison of the guitar world in my opinion.

Some great ideas in Marco's playing there and plenty of really useful party tricks in his playing. I spotted at least two techniques I've worked on before but never really got right:

- Split doubles. Utter pigs to do well and requires a well-laid-out and easy-to-access kit.
- Using a pedalled hi-hat to fill in hits in a pattern. Another utter pig to do well and exemplified by the '50 Ways To Leave Your Lover' drum beat which consists of hitting and pedalling the hi-hat to make up all the beats. See 4:28 in the video for a really sweet example of of Marco doing it.

I'll ignore his double pedal work. People that fast and good with them should all be shot because such skill proves to be permanently out of my technical reach! :(

I shall certainly look into more of his playing though.

Top post, Shticks. Thanks.
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Martin glad you commented here. Followed Marco for quite a while. There is a song he does called the jackhammer. If you want to really be humbled this is one of them. Saw his interview and others trying out for Dream Theater. I think the most unique quality he possesses is just his enjoyment in playing. It beams across his face the whole time. He kind of reminds me of Carmen Appice . After all these years I still I'm no double kick drummer. Hardest part for me is to lead with the feet.
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