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creating a session template

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Creating a session template

So you'd like to start a new session by supplying us with a session template of yours? Thanks in advance!

A session template should be a single instrument recorded,
keep in mind that other users will have to follow your timing, so put some effort in not accelerating or loosing speed - a metronome might be worth consideration, trust us, many more remixes of your template will be your reward.

Your recording should have a length of no less than a minute, for it's annoying if you just got the hang of a song and then it's over. The wikiloops player will repeat your recording, but due to various reasons you should not rely on a smooth loop playback of the web player.
It has proven to be best practise to make your template about 4 - 5 minutes long. If your recording is much shorter, just chain several copies of your track together with the editor of your choice. This way, you may deliver a smooth ongoing jam which is only interrupted once every five minutes by the player reloop.
In fact, some of the drum jamtracks available are originally four bar samples of a few seconds, which were looped to get a total of 5 minutes. It is important to understand that this procedure will be your job, for synchronisation is one of the few jobs this platform does not supply (machines still don't have the groove yet...)!

After converting your recording to 320k .mp3 file, make sure the file's size does not exceed 15MB max.

Additional tips:
Don't use too many effects on a session template. P.e. a reverb that's cathedral-style will make it really hard to make an additional instrument sound good in a remix. Make sure your recording has a convenient levelling though.

Some users like to have four claps or such before the template starts, others just start in the middle, so there is no break when the player restarts (when pre-clapping, this will of course happen every time the player restarts the song). It's your choice. Either way, keep the parts of your recording where there is no signal at all as short as possible.
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