Kasih (Douwe on alt-sax)

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rien ne va plus (pas encore)... !
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The second track that i recorded with Douwe this afternoon. Played on the alt-sax this time. It is a new world to explore for me to record a brass instrument and try to blend it into a track! But great fun it is.... think i need some more research for that but eventually i will get it right! It needs some more juice if you ask me..... if someone got a good hint for me... please..... Hope you like it, we ...


Fantastic Marceys&Douwne, the sax sound adds a magnificent melodious background, and thanks for choosing one of my tracks on the bass, the jam sounds absolutely "round" :o+1
Février 04 2017 21:52:51
Marceys Hey Mario, glad you like it! The track is great and it was a joy to play the sax over it! Thanks for your bass, enjoyed it! :) +1
Février 04 2017 22:36:51
GlezBass Usurping his magnificent sessions of keyboards, here I leave a jam #97403 in case you are interested with Douwne ... excellent sax play ;) +1
Février 05 2017 07:45:15
Marceys That is a great track indeed! Douwe doesn't have a recording setup at his place at the moment so we try to find some time to record at my place! Gonna drop this track into his dropbox, you never know.... :) +1
Février 05 2017 16:11:09
GlezBass you never know.... ;) +0
Bravo Douwe :), wharm playing. A plasasure for hears
And Marc of course !!
Février 04 2017 21:54:09
Marceys Thanks titi, Douwe knows you to play the sax alright.
My mixingskills needs an upgrade but that will come in time! :)
greets to Douwe, great :)+1
Février 05 2017 07:45:49
Marceys Gonna do that! :) Thanks Andrea! +1
I really like this mix.
One small point: the sax supperposes itself to the voice at times.
Février 05 2017 07:47:57
Marceys Thanks a lot Jenlain! Yeah, i think i know what you mean! I noticed some fills that were onthe vocals and it is in the same frequency..... it disappears that way.....
It is a new world to explore but we are gonna get there! :) thanks man!
Février 05 2017 08:33:23
Jenlain Exactly
See you soon
Great sax from Douwe, nice mix Marc. To blend in the sax a bit more, you can put some reverb on it, and / or a touch of delay, especially with a track that has a lot of reverb on it already like this one. Duck it below the vocals where they are crossing. For advanced fiddling, duplicate the sax track, move one of them a fem milliseconds, pan one a bit to the left, one to the right (double tracking). Or use an 'ADT' plugin for this.+1
Février 05 2017 07:51:45
Marceys Glad you like it Joe! That are some good tips to get a better record! We did use a bit of reverb and just a touch of EQ'ing on the midfrequency.
Gonna try that trick to double the track and move it a milisecond. Can create a bigger juicier sound! Thanks a lot!
Ah Douwe !
me gusta :)
Février 05 2017 07:52:05
Marceys Thanks a lot Tof! +0
Lovely to hear Douwe again. Such a fine player. You've already had some good info about editing and keeping the sax below/behind the vocals. You'll also get better presence (even if the volume is down) by placing the microphone correctly. For tenor and alto you want to be about 30 cm above the bell with the microphone aimed at the upper keys and NOT the bell.+1
Février 05 2017 07:56:22
Marceys Thanks a lot Wade! We had a good time recording this!
We recorded the alto with the mic place just to the right of the sax so we got some sound from the keys of the sax! Angle and distance is important too! We gotta explorer some more! Thanks a lot Wade, great to try these things! :)
Whoaaa! That's so beautiful to hear Douwe's sax on this song, that screaming part, and many other tasty phrases..about the mix, guess you got many tips from J & wade..guess it's alright to make it a bit wet 😊 but you are doing great with tge recording Marc,you'll get there by the time..+1
Février 05 2017 07:59:17
Marceys Thanks a lot Alice and glad that you like it! Douwe knows how to use his instrument so that is more than halfway there! The recording still needs some adjustments and tuning and i hope i will get it down in time! :)
And if not, it is great to try these things! :) have a good sunday! :)
wonderful Marc ! Greetings to Douwe! :)+1
Février 05 2017 12:31:15
Pit Brett
Marceys I will, it was great to do this track with the sax! :) +0
Super cool jam! :)+1
Février 05 2017 12:31:32
Marceys Thanks a lot Alby! :) +0
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