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Really like this track from R1772. I think the perfect fit would be vocals but unfortunately or fortunately, I don't sing :) I hear a little melody and try some old style country guitar on it. Thanks R1772. Thanks for listening.


Superb country playing but with your unique elegance Frankie! :)+2
Février 03 2017 19:00:57
FrankieJ thank you Stef :) +0
great playing, FrankieJ I love it <3+1
If you don't mind me asking.. how do you get that great country sound on your guitar?+1
Février 02 2017 04:05:44
FrankieJ I'm happy you like the sound Don as I am hardly ever totally happy with it.
On this track I'm using a strat plugged in directly to my old laptop in combination with TH3 amp sim software which is made by a company by the name of OverLoud.
I'm using a jazz amp sim with reverb, delay and chorus all contained in the software. Of course I changed the settings of the sim from its default factory setting.
thanks Don :)

Edit: If you use the software I'll send you the preset.
Février 02 2017 21:14:58
Don_T Thanks for the info Frankie. Currently I am just using a small mixer connected to my computer and running my amp into the mix that way. I did check out the software you mentioned. Looks great.. although the learning curve might be a little rough for an old guy like me with no real experience with software. I do good to make my way around audacity lol. Still love the sounds get though, so maybe one day I will have to step up my game and go for something like TH3. Thanks again.. and keep on crankin out those hits :) +1
Février 03 2017 01:57:17
Don_T okay, so went ahead and got off my lazy butt and decided to step into the digital age LOL. I downloaded the demo of TH3 to see if I can manage it. One question.. what do you use to connect your guitar to your computer? +1
Février 03 2017 02:57:26
FrankieJ I use two setups with same computer Don.
The easiest is using a standard guitar cord with an 1/8in stereo adapter. Plug the 1/4 guitar cord into the 1/8 stereo adapter and then into the line in on the sound card from the computer.
This will also work if you use effects pedals. Just connect from the last output in the pedal chain to the pc.
The biggest problem you will encounter at this point is something called "latency". Short explanation is when you play a note, there will be a millisecond delay from the time you pluck the note to the time you hear the note. Which is obviously unacceptable. You will need to use an ASIO software driver to remedy this problem. I cannot remember if Audacity has builtin ASIO drivers or not.
If not, you can download a free asio driver from here: [url=]Asio Driver[/url]
Once installed, you will need to tell Audacity to use the driver in the Audacity configuration.
I'm thinking your present configuration for recording your guitar should work with the TH3 software without doing all of the above. Let me know how it works for you. I will gladly assist as best I can.
Février 03 2017 03:00:41
Don_T Frankie, you are simply the best. if it is okay, I would be honored to call you my friend. I have loved music for as long as I can remember, and want to make it sound the best I can. I will get busy with your suggestions and let you know if I hit a bump in the road. Thanks again <3 +1
Février 03 2017 03:32:35
Don_T hooked up the guitar like you said, but all I get is a buzzing sound. Could it be my sound card? +0
Février 04 2017 22:48:00
FrankieJ Make sure you are plugging into the LINE IN on your sound card.
If that still does not work try plugging into the MIC IN on the sound card.
This audio card is what I use in the studio:
[url=]USB Audio[/url]
I think eventually you will need to consider something like that Don.
The easy method I described before is what I use when I only have the guitar and laptop in a mobile environment. And I am not sure why that is not working for you.
Keep me posted.
Février 04 2017 22:50:13
Don_T Thanks Frankie. I just ordered a usb connection box from ebay, so hoping that will end my buzzing issue. +1
nice playing man ! :)+1
Février 02 2017 22:32:36
FrankieJ thanks Oli :) +1
Cool playing for bright track ☺+1
Février 02 2017 22:08:26
FrankieJ thanks titi :) +1
Hi Frankie,
thanks for your GREAT add! This is one of the best contributions to my templates. Regarding creative idea, playing and sound. The funny thing is that country is normally not my genre. I just had filled my "chord tracker"-program Chordpulse with some chords I like and tried different styles. Again, thanks a lot for your great work. Do you think it would be suitable for vocals? I´m neither a singer nor a lyricist by myselfs but I know that a track which is meant for singing has to be composed for this. Regards Rainer
Février 02 2017 22:31:23
FrankieJ Thank you very much Rainer, I very much enjoyed working with your template. Yes I think the track is very suitable for vocals.
To my ear, I get a Charlie Rich / Don Williams style vibe from the track when thinking vocals.
thanks again Rainer for the nice template :)
Février 03 2017 02:38:56
Don_T if you would like, I could give it a go for you R1. I like to write lyrics and I am as country as grits and gravy lol +0
Fabulous man!😍 <3+1
Février 02 2017 22:08:52
FrankieJ thank you jj :) +0
Nice country playin' Frankie!! So good bro!+1
Février 02 2017 21:34:32
FrankieJ thanks a bunch Ernie :) +1
Février 02 2017 21:34:06
FrankieJ thanks Tom :) +1
Super cool Frank. Just curious - have you ever tried any Chet Atkins style?+1
Février 02 2017 21:00:01
FrankieJ Yes many times Dave with an emphasis on 'tried'. I never could master the masters right hand technique. As you know that is a requirement for playing Merle Travis/Chet Atkins style guitar.
Funny you mention Chet because lately I've been thinking about exploring his technique again. In years past I always came away highly frustrated when trying :)

thanks Dave :)
Février 02 2017 22:14:08
Davnel99 Cool Frankie. My older brother lol he is 77 now, mastered the technique many many years ago, and I always marveled at how he could do that famous 2 songs at the same time. I usually struggle playing one song at a time. But you are maybe the best all around player here, and I really enjoy listening to your music. Keep trying my friend :) +1
Février 02 2017 23:06:52
FrankieJ I need to hook up with your brother Dave :)
I have a friend here locally that I think you will appreciate his playing. In my opinion probably the best country picker today.
His name is Scotty Anderson. Over the years I've worked with Scotty and when it was my turn to do a lead I always thought, how in the hell do I follow that :) As you will see in this video. Enjoy.

[url=]Scotty Anderson[/url]
Février 03 2017 02:37:46
Don_T all I can say about Scotty.... DAMN :D +1
Février 03 2017 04:10:41
Davnel99 The dude is sick :)
the only comparison I can make with that is maybe Frank Gambale, though a totally different type of playing
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