I'll Keep Your Heart

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Got my time in this first day of 2017 to sing this wonderful sweet song from Marcelo. Happy New Year everyone, May this year we all be bless by happiness & joy, stay healthy & funky! oops I broke my headphone, so I use my phone headset (duh..), hope it's not sound too bad.
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Aleonz, Peixe, alice & marcelo, vocalpop


I heard this wonderful track from Marcelo when it was just uploaded. And I really thought it was fantastic and full of emotions. Often it is hard to express tones and impressions that music gives us in words. You just did that Alice. This is what this song is about. This is so great. thanks for sharing. And Happy New Year.+2
Janvier 02 2017 18:40:22
aleonz Hi Peter! I feel in love with this lovely emotional song from Marcelo, it's really open and give me a great space to play around on it, thank you so much Peter! Happy New Year! +1
Marcelo D
Oh my God. How can this possibly be soooooooo beautiful and sweet?!?!?!?
You put a lot of happy tears in my eyes. Its a great new year gift :) s2 How could you break your headphone Al? You know? My car broke too... yesterday... as long as we keep health we can buy everything again. We only need to work a little bit heheheh.
I wish you have a bright 2017 and the stars may light your way. I hope the sun gives you strength to go on and the moon helps you to dream good dreams full of hope and joy.
Thank you so much for your add. Its wonderful and your mix is perfect. If you didnt tell me about your headphones I would never know :)
Janvier 02 2017 18:44:26
Marcelo D
aleonz You start this journey Celo, i just flowing with you...you have that gift for this sweet poppies song, its open and pull us to jam like a magnet. hahahaha we will for sure dear!

the same best wishes goes right back at you, thank you for the song, please don't stop sharing your beautiful gift to us okey :)
Outstanding lyics. Great decision to add that last word after the piano's final chord. Really strong writing and performance :)+2
Janvier 02 2017 18:47:24
aleonz Schwaglr, thank you so much, this piano track from Marcelo just too good to pass +0
Beautiful! .. and Happy New Year!+1
Janvier 02 2017 18:38:32
aleonz Hi Jim! thank you so much! Happy New Year! +0
Wonderful my friend beautiful song. Happy New year+1
Janvier 02 2017 19:01:02
aleonz Hi Axe! thank you very much ! Happy New year! +0
Janvier 02 2017 19:01:20
aleonz Thank you so much David! Happy New Year! +1
Wonderful new 2017 track from you Alice :) Delicious+1
Janvier 02 2017 19:01:51
aleonz Thank you very much Titi, just listened your lovely Harp add, Happy New Year! +1
Beautiful singer you are Alice! Feel your emotion and that makes a song believable! Your delivery is way cool!
Keep on doing these cool tracks for the next years please!
Janvier 02 2017 19:03:35
aleonz Marc! Thank you so much! the same wish goes right back at you, stay awesome and share your beautiful musical gift to us, in other word...keep feed us with your tasty track! Happy New Year Marc! all the best for you :) +1
Yeah!! :)+1
Janvier 02 2017 19:03:50
aleonz Thank you so much Max! +0
Lenny Cowler
Janvier 02 2017 19:04:08
Lenny Cowler
aleonz Hi Brother! thank you so much! Happy New year! +1
Janvier 02 2017 20:40:35
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler :) All best for you sis:) +0
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