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3 déc. 2016
Added guitar to Bothen and my track. SOMEBODY had to! I swanee!(look up in slang dictionary) The First template starter contains drums snagged from BOTHEN #89713. So if you like the drums give him a shout out!
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rockabilly, blues, punk, televison, obits
upbeat trippy coolness ! Awesome track Gemmy !! +1
3 décembre 2016 à 03:20
GemmyF all aboard! +1
You never disappoint, fresh, original, slightly maniacally frantic… & i love your work for it !! Super cool guitar track, template choice, the works.. spot on !! ;) +1
3 décembre 2016 à 03:30
GemmyF It wouldn't be a pretty sight on the dance floor, I'm just saying....some slamming going on, back when men fought steers for their livelihood! This stuff is for "kickers" who want to kick some.....That's when they aren't wantin' to promenade their best gal round the floor.

Thanks Nuno, this one bout sums me up! Thanks for the listen. As PEXE said "I'm going to break my sound card"
Cool tune, very cool:) +1
3 décembre 2016 à 03:38
GemmyF Thanks Jeebsie! +1
Awesome My friend :D very good Gemmy :) +1
3 décembre 2016 à 03:42
GemmyF Thanks XAVI! +1
Great work, cool tune and excellent playing Gemmy! Btw. pics come today :) +1
3 décembre 2016 à 17:01
GemmyF :@I'll believe that when I see them!!!!:D:D +1
3 décembre 2016 à 20:17
frankyguitar :D you got it !! :D +1
awesome cool !!!!! +1
Yes, that's cool! +1
Very cool bro +1
good song! the elements work well together +1
3 décembre 2016 à 17:38
GemmyF Thanks Ken!:D +0
3 décembre 2016 à 17:42
GemmyF Just got in touch with my MorningStar and a 24 pack of Budlight shorties!(not true on the 2nd part) +1
3 décembre 2016 à 17:51
KMstar I wish I could keep the feeling of 2.5 beers through a song. when I drink less I am still cold and play with no feel and with more I just get sloppier until 6 then the guitar gets a rest because it's too sloppy to record lol I don't drink every time I play though just usually ;) +1
3 décembre 2016 à 18:05
GemmyF So your guitaring needs some lube to run smoothly! Seen that a little lube helps!
I think the thing that is the hardest part in playing is finding the creative zone and finding it time and time again! I used to play with this genius guitar player and I would just mostly play a rhythm and he would shred all over the place, the problem was that he progressively got sloopier and sloppier as our jam went on. I was like a loop, the same just dishing it up for him. I eventually couldn't play with him anymore, cause I knew how great he was but could tolerate how horrible he was....

In finding the creative zone a lot of times now(that I don't live play with folks for many months) is to keep in the zone and don't allow stray thoughts to come in, maybe that's what the lube does, not sure....but that is really where the folks that hit it, can do...get into the zone.

I think the more you practice getting there just by diving in, freefalling into the creative zone, that is the lube! Kind of like "trust the Force Luke" cause it's there....

Saying that I must admit to occasional getting lubed with some Vino! whilst playing!
3 décembre 2016 à 19:31
KMstar Yes, a few beers takes the tense feeling after a days work out of my shoulders and I do focus a bit better, fine line between good and sloppy for me but if I was playing in the same room as a practice or show I don't like to ever have more than 3 till I am finished with playing because I would be that other friend of yours and it wastes people's time. Here I am recording for fun and trying new ideas. I have gone back the next day and rerecorded and replaced a few tracks because of too much of a good thing ;) +1
3 décembre 2016 à 23:41
GemmyF That's what I like a bout the "record" as it can be the Best of what you can "capture" in a play. This one I faded out a few times, but it was straight playthrough. Which I like to try to get. But when necessary to punch in and out on place that just didn't quite make it is also a great feature in recording!
Love that scene in La Bamba when "richcie valen"(Lou Diamond Phillips--A Corpus Boy) is singing his first record--how many takes he did! Must have gone for hours!
4 décembre 2016 à 00:34
KMstar Sometimes my favorite takes on bass are the first ones that I played before I heard the structure, maybe I listen harder to the other musicians on the first few? That's when I get lucky and find the key fast anyway +1
Hi Gemmy, yesss, it must sound like that!
1x hear maybe chaos.:o
2x hear good ideas. B)
3x hear super played:D
3 décembre 2016 à 19:39
GemmyF It takes a few times to hear a new thing!

Thanks for the multiple listens!:D
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