Sacred Prayer No.4

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It's been a while, and I was so happy to listen many of the tracks in the loops, in this many beautiful tracks I wanna jam on, you guys make a lot of super cool tracks. This evening I found this pretty yummy track from the great Marcelo, I'm afraid to touch this lovely song, but man...I can't resist, just lay half part, and let the first part for his piano to shine ... hope i didn't messed this track ...
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Aleonz, Peixe, Alice & Marcelo, classical, piano, vocal


Marcelo D
I just woke to the sound of the stormy weather when I received the notification.
Now the tears fill my eyes listening to you singing this song Al.
My tears are the only way to describe how sublime is this piece of art.❤
Thank you for exist and sing. You make the world a better place.
Septembre 25 2016 21:13:55
Marcelo D
aleonz Hey you, so glad to know that, hope it's a happy tears that this song brought to you...I have that too when i listen to this song..thank you for sharing us your beautiful talent Marcelo, don't ever stop okey :) +0
Wow, what a nice piece! Congrats, aleonz!!+1
Septembre 25 2016 21:11:37
aleonz Hi Slon! thank you very much :) +0
Beautiful aleonz!!:)+1
Septembre 25 2016 21:12:05
aleonz Martina! thank you s much +0
beatiful singing there aleonz,and very nice add...+1
Septembre 25 2016 21:14:22
aleonz Slin! thank you very much +0
Fantastic song Alice.
you have the ability to create songs that could be played and arranged in thousands of ways. That is really a gift for all of us musicians. Not only in the part of being IN a jam, but as well listening to the different views and adds are extremely inspirational. Thank you. :)
Septembre 25 2016 21:18:41
aleonz What a great compliment Peter! thank you very much, this site and all the musician here including you, that always bring inspiration, and thought me to learn and do music in a better way, there is so many lesson that I got everytime i explore the loops...we are all lucky to have this place to play around rite :) +1
very pretty..Great Add!!+1
Septembre 25 2016 21:18:56
aleonz Thank you very much Jim! +0
So an appropriate text for the class piano! SuperJob Alice, I believe you every word. Thank you for sharing. :)+1
Septembre 25 2016 21:19:51
aleonz Aduuu! thank you so much, I miss my loops time, so good to jam again :) +1
Spot on these two great artists!! Alice your wonderful interpretation exalts even more the magic of Marcelo piano! Fantastic!! :)+1
Septembre 25 2016 21:21:16
aleonz Thank you very much for the wonderful comment Stef, it's means so much, and yes Marcelo did his magic again hahaha! hey once again Happy Birthday :) +1
Septembre 25 2016 21:34:31
Stef :) :) +0
Wonderful Alice :)+1
Septembre 25 2016 21:21:34
aleonz Markkkkk! thank youuuu so much +0
Russ Burke
absolutely beautiful, two fine artists sharing their creativity in song! love it!+1
Septembre 25 2016 21:22:03
Russ Burke
aleonz Hi Russ! thank you very much for listening and for your kind words +0
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