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I wish I had some decent info for anyone who might care to listen to this. I'm an ABSOLUTE beginner and not very good, so I was sort of just thrashing my way through this. In my head I hear a cool Sammy Hagar type vocal with a killer melodic guitar part floating and flitting all over the top of my rhythm part. The "story" in my head is a guy telling his lady that he'll still be waiting for her no ...
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Good to see you here Jeff.
Rock On!
Thanks LM!+0
Welcome Jeff. If you are a beginner then you've come to the right place to hone your skills and receive encouragement. So, let it rip and have fun. :)+0
Welcome to the Loops!+0
Hell yeah dude. Like it. This is on my to do list for vocals if someone will upload a Bass track+0
Cool, tenche! That makes me feel pretty good!+0
I just realized this has bass on it. Can you upload a version without Bass?+0
Yes, I absolutely can. I didn't realize that I left the bass in it either, until I had it uploaded. I'll do it in a few minutes.+0
Hi Jeff, this is great, not a beginner tune.How did youn manage that rock solid "oldschool" melodic Hardrock Sound? Just the right dosage of distortion, very warm "valve amp" Sound.+0
Février 28 2015 20:43:59
Jeffbeck Thanks, I appreciate that. But you can thank GarageBand for any amp warmth! That program makes it easy to get a decent finished product even for a newb like me. +1
Février 28 2015 23:22:06
R1772 That´s very interesting: You had recorded with GarageBand (Mac/iPad) Amp Simulation? That prooves my opinion that only the result Counts and not expensive Equipment. +0
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