Dancing With The Flames

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Have some great time to do this wonderful track, and recorded my live recording for it (i tried to post it in youtube first but it failed, so I posted in vimeo, but then I succeed t post it in youtube, so i added both of the link.



Thank you Klaus & Marc for this groovy ride, really enjoy playing with you guys, and hope you don't mind if I attached your avatar to the video.

I wish i have more time ...
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Aleonz, DafunkyDrummer, Marceys, funk, pop, drums, keys, vocal


I really enjoyed seeing you in the video. Confirms what I already knew. You feel the rhythm in your body and sing with feeling and emotion that show. You are not just a musician, you're a performer that lives and breathes what you're doing. INTEGRITY!!+2
Juin 14 2016 20:47:36
aleonz That's one huge compliment Wade, i got this plan for times a go, but its been a while i haven't stand infront of the camera, it's tougher than standing in the stage LOL! thank you so very much Wade +1
Sister, you master perfectly your universe. Here is still the proof. The changes of tones are difficult, but not for you ... never.
Your tracks are always create in the idea of the sharing, because of the space and thought for the others... Double generosity ;)
Juin 14 2016 20:57:25
aleonz Thank you very much Titi! I learn so much from all of you here ! +2
Juin 14 2016 21:02:14
titi We learn all of each sister ! +0
Marcelo D
This is so wonderful Al.
Loved to se you on video!
You are a great performer in every way.
Cool idea of jamming live on this.
You are amazing.
I am your fan!!!!!
Juin 16 2016 05:20:52
Marcelo D
aleonz Thank you so much Marcelo, since i am already tour fan..so this mean a lot coming from you. Yeah its fun to do this video once in a while..i havent do it for quite awhile..thank you +1
Excelente tema❤+2
Septembre 05 2016 21:02:01
aleonz Thank you Fig! +0
Hey Alice... So pleased to listen to you... This is just superb... Your back vocals are splendid... Thanks a lot ^^+1
Juin 14 2016 01:18:16
aleonz Hi Stan just listened yoir wonderful track with Andrea! Thank you so much +1
Juin 14 2016 01:20:20
Funkystan Thanks back Alice... I do hope one of these days will manage a duo too ^^ +0
Pit Brett
excellent aleonz! :) great lyrics and all your voices.. :)
and nice to see you on video :)
Juin 14 2016 01:20:46
Pit Brett
aleonz Thank you very much Pit, its been a while i haven't make jam video, so good to do it again...thank you +0
Cool song Big Al... and a really good video too. How do you find all the time ;)+1
Juin 14 2016 20:38:54
aleonz Big Psy! thank you ! was doing some trial to make this kind of jam on video, hope next time can make a better one :) +0
Awww Al, so nice to see you...just wanted to give you a big hug! :) Great song.+1
Juin 14 2016 20:40:11
aleonz Stella! thank you...got this crazy idea while recording this song, to turn on my lap camera LOL, big hug right back at you beautiful girl! +0
And now bass! This is a good one!!!+1
Juin 14 2016 20:41:06
aleonz Yeah! now this track scream for a groovy bass line! thank you so much Frenzie +1
wonderful lyrics and song my dear :) so lovely ...+1
Juin 14 2016 20:41:31
aleonz Thank you very much Andrea! +1
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