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**RE-UPLOADED DUE TO HD TRACK BEING DAMAGED** Half the HD track was missing for some reason. Sorry to those who've commented! Anyway... Unfortunately my shoulder is still not good but I've been itching to have a go at this fantastic template from Stan and Marc. Sadly it's about all I can manage - even running through this track creates pain :( So this'll be my only upload for a while longer yet. I shouldn't have done this track even but I'm going ...
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Clyde Stubblefield, James Brown, Martin Pointon


This was really fun to play along with, you're steady as a rock and its really easy to play with you :)+0
francisco al
muito bom+0
Awesome, Martin!! :)+1
Sounding great. Wouldn't have suspected that you're in pain as it sounds like so much fun! Please get the shoulder well in time for the big jam. So looking forward to having the opportunity to play with you there.+1
Mai 16 2016 12:25:11
mpointon Thank you, Wade. I, too, cannot wait to meet and play alongside you! I really hope I'll be back in normal fettle by September! +1
Great Track, Martin! Hope your shoulder will recover soon!!+1
Martin sorry to hear about your shoulder sometimes I have the same deal from overuse. Doing a lot of ride cymbal work really brings it out. Is there any type of exercises that you're doing for it? The old abductors that sometimes need to be strengthened. I think you did a great job I hope you get better with the shoulder. G+1
Mai 16 2016 12:23:55
mpointon Thank you, 'Shticks. I have exercises to do but I'm not sure they're the right ones at the moment.

The problem is at the front of my right shoulder mainly but it manifests itself in my elbow and right hand control too. The problem is, the left side often joins in.

It adds up to what I can only describe as a 'vagueness' in the control of my hands and strong aches in one or both shoulders. It's very uncomfortable rather than strictly painful but it severely compromises my ability to play. :|
Mai 16 2016 12:56:54
Drumshticks Biceps tendinitis causes pain in the front or side of the shoulder and may travel down to the elbow and forearm. Pain may also occur when the arm is raised overhead. The biceps muscle, in the front of the upper arm, helps stabilize the upper arm bone (humerus) in the shoulder socket."
Hi Martin I'm no doctor and I still don't play one on TV. I believe this might be what you're experiencing. This article snippet is from medical journal. At one time I kicked around the idea of becoming a physician's assistant. Yes I'm a science geek. Hope your mending and I know how stir-crazy you get when you can't play drums. I've gone through that quite a few times. I'll be praying for your shoulder. Greg
Lenny Cowler
Yeah Martin! You nailed it with a damaged shoulder! Pain can't stop the drummer here!
You brought the intro with a supercool consistence groove and flowed it with the right feel intro the first part as it is supposed to!
Love how you handeled the different parts and that you gave them different grooves too! Strong!!

Thanks for you groove and strong rhythm! Can totally hear a groovebass to this track!

Take care of the shoulder!
Mai 16 2016 12:21:38
mpointon Thank you for the comments, Marc! I'm determined to keep playing through this problem. Some days are better than others and I take the opportunities when my body allows!

This track I was determined to add to!
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