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It's early in the morning here...Mr. Monday already knock on my door, still can't sleep, and have this song in my head, so I play around a bit, It's always quite a challenge for me to write a slow song, not as easy as singin...but hope It's not too bad...and since it's already late...I'm not so sure about the mix from my tired ears :) This song still need a lot of things, would love to listen your ideas, there is ...
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Aleonz, Pop, slow, Vocal


So nice hearing you in your native tongue Alice. Very expression and beautiful song :)+2
Mars 14 2016 09:20:11
aleonz Thank you so much Rob, it's always great to sing in my language once in a while +1
So good to hear you sing in your language. I'm intrigued with the background instrument that sounds like a cross between an Asian bowed string instrument (like a Chinese Erhu?) crossed with a bamboo flute. It adds to the emotion of the lyrics and feel with it's lovely vibrato. I've got to admit that I'd have rather heard this without the drums as it otherwise has such a fine non-western quality.+2
Avril 04 2016 13:17:54
aleonz Yes it's Chinese erhu, I have the real one when I used to live in china, learn a bit from one of the monk in one of the Buddhist temple, he also teaches me some Chinese instruments, I used to live from temple to temple to sing a chanting with my Tibetan bowl :) all around china, it was a wonderful music spiritual journey for me...

Yeah I can understand on that part, I was trying to combine it with a modern feel hehehe maybe i supposed to use percussion for this one :)
Mars 14 2016 08:59:44
aleonz :) Thank you brother :) +0
Too bad??? I only know that I'm listening to a beautiful voice in a sweet slow song! Great Alice! :)+1
Mars 14 2016 09:04:03
aleonz I have a problem to apply all the progression I have in my head, especially for a slow composition Stef, but i start to kick myself to learn from the start...hope i can someday play so smooth like you :) Thank you so much Stef :) +1
high level moaning, not?
like the cat in the morning streching his muscles you come up with something like this

am I right, my dear, Alice? :)
Mars 14 2016 09:08:50
aleonz Oh hello there Andreas!!! what a cool surprise to see you...welcome back :), thank you for swing by...and yeah sometimes i woke up in the middle of my almost "fall asleep" , because i hear a song in my head, and it's always great to snuggle into music and did a mind and soul muscle stretched heheheh +1
Fab song Alice!+1
Mars 14 2016 09:09:10
aleonz Thank you so much Balfo +0
Mars 14 2016 09:09:43
aleonz Thank you very much Frankie... +0
I'm under your spell... so Charming+1
Mars 14 2016 09:10:38
aleonz Thank you so much OB-Lix, this track looking at your bass with it puppy eyes, begging for some smooth bass bass line of your s hehhehehe +1
Marcelo D
So sad and lovely. Sounds like a distant western song for my south american ears. You transmited many feelings in this one. Beautiful music piece.+1
Mars 14 2016 09:17:54
Marcelo D
aleonz melancholy it is, guess it a mix things of all things that I've been learn lately, I listen much asian, western, latin very much these days, still have so many things to learn...thank you so much to lend your ears Peixe :) +1
Mars 14 2016 12:35:02
Marcelo D
Marcelo D Yes. It is melancholy for sure. Sometimes is hard to describe feelings, songs and sounds in english. And even in Portuguese I would say to you that words are poor to describe music. Anyway it is a gorgeous song Alice. Thanks for sharing. :) +0
Sounds great, Al. Very sad and total authentic. I believe you every word. With music, it forms an absolute unity. Class Mix too, super Al :)+1
Mars 14 2016 09:19:18
aleonz Thank you so much Adu, early morning always gave that special kind of feeling to make this kind of stuff :) thank you +0
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