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Great track from Cody.. Slow dancing in the 1960s. Ya know you aren't getting any after the balls. Tenor and then sopranino in 2nd half.


Wade Wade Wade. Man I wish I had made this a 10 minute song after hearing your sax. Magnificent!! Playlisted+2
Novembre 30 2015 22:46:09
frenzie You are so right this tastes like more...
cool template Cody great chords :)
Décembre 02 2015 19:32:05
Wade Thanks Cody. Nice thing to say! My reality is I'd (musically) said everything and was repeating myself already in just 2:44. I've always valued the fact that many of your pieces are just the right length. Many templates posted here (that are good), are just too long. You've got a keen sense of knowing an audience's attention span and how long you can stretch that (not very long for most). IMHO It's a rare piece that works well if there is just one idea and it's over 4 minutes long. +4
Décembre 02 2015 19:46:28
MajorTom_III I agree with the length of the songs being shorter. When I sing,in most cases, it only takes me a minute and 30 seconds or so. I believe you should always blow the audience away yet keep them wanting more. Thanks again for the killer sax. +3
Décembre 02 2015 20:37:54
Wade Ah, like minds! +0
As always with you, 3-star Michelin playing. The soul and feel for the music in your playing is just makes me smile and cry simultaneously. Utterly beautiful, moving and outstanding in equal measures. I so love the soul in your playing.

I need to get my brushes out on this wonderful, heartfelt song.
Décembre 02 2015 19:43:27
Wade So glad that this one moved you...maybe will also move you to play?...Yes please! Get those brushes out and paint the town...or at least make this a prettier picture. Cheers. +1
lovely to listen to, nice sweet romantic sounds there Wade, work really well with cody's track :)+1
Décembre 02 2015 19:18:27
Wade Thanks Shi. Just recalling those ballads from that time. +1
Very fine ad! Soft and warm for all the dreamers. Thanks wade. :)+1
Décembre 02 2015 19:20:30
Wade Hey adu glad it resonates with you. Nice and slow, like my old fingers..Ha! +1
Truly smooth....almost like being there... I was 1 in 1960!+1
Décembre 02 2015 19:21:28
Wade You didn't miss a thing, only got interesting in the late 60s and 70s. +0
perfect :)+1
Décembre 02 2015 19:22:22
Wade Thanks Akchen. Never perfect! But certainly easy when you go this slowly. +1
I would totally love having some dinner on a restaurant with a music like this...would probably make the food tastier. Love it so much!+1
Décembre 02 2015 19:23:41
Wade I would totally love to play live with you my friend! Could be magic...or could be an overdose of emotion. I'm up for it either way. +0
What a touch goosebumps actually by the first notes perfect! So beatifull...ooohh....+1
Décembre 02 2015 19:34:48
Wade Hey frenzie glad you like. Glad to know the emotional side works for you. +0
LOL..Man..Tough time as a high schooler? What are blue balls :) ? Christmas Tree decorations?? Just funnin ya Wade. Great ad as usual!+1
Décembre 02 2015 19:38:16
Wade Boy have you got that right! I hated HS. Bad times...everybody talked about it...nobody got any. You you younger dudes don't know how lucky you are to have grown up post 60s sexual revolution. +3
Décembre 02 2015 23:25:48
Fishinmissio I had my BB episodes in the early 70's One was too many +1
Sounds like this opened up some old wounds there Wade ;)
Beautiful playing mate :)
Décembre 02 2015 19:40:55
Wade Yea, too easy to remember that time of unconsummated puppy love. A much healthier culture today. +0
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