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Found this splendid template whilst looking for something else. What a fantastic and fun template and I just couldn't resist. Had a listen to Drumshticks and PJE's respective adds to make sure I wasn't treading on their toes with my idea.

Anyway. I just jammed it through, keeping an eye of the waveform for changes and responding to ones I missed using that skill we call 'blagging'. Had to be tight on the money here, the track didn't forgive timing errors. ...


Your drumming is always amazing !! Love it+2
I like it , throw some distorted guitar in and it would have a white zombie groove+2
What a camouflaging talent you have man! Name me a genre that you can't play,.nothing!+2
Novembre 06 2015 13:06:34
mpointon Thank you, Kenny. I cannot, in reality, explain blending in to a track. I just play what I think works by getting into the 'mind' of the track. I wish I could explain it but, I suppose, it's just experience.

In this case, I just jammed it. Something my first ever drum teacher taught me was, 'if you make a mistake, do it again and make it look like you meant to do it'! 1:15 and 2:28 show this precisely. On both occasions I overshot the change in dynamic with the back beat. So I immediately respond by dropping the next back beat snare to give the impression of dropping back by breaking up the beat. I think that makes sense.

This was hard because it had to be very tight as the slightest inaccuracy was glowing (I had to do a bit of editing in places!).
Novembre 06 2015 17:38:22
kennyadry Well...I believe very little if not none, can recognize the mistake your saying :) include me to those who can't recognize it! :D +0
Virginal tight...that's good I think?+2
Novembre 06 2015 00:04:22
Psycho :) +0
Novembre 06 2015 12:58:07
mpointon Thanks Wade! Not sure that's the description I'd go for! ;) +1
Novembre 06 2015 18:59:51
Psycho I like having fun here :) +1
Killer !+1
I'm so pleased with your version, Martin!
Did you use two kick drums?
Especially I love how you handled 01:16/23 and 02:28/49.

The piece was composed for a contest on KVR.
You're not allowed to use anything but the given synth.
Now the contest is in voting stage.
Check it out (if you have time) :)

Novembre 06 2015 12:50:24
mpointon Thank you Slava! Your version on Soundcloud sounds superb - really like the '80s-style off-beat electric drum line (like the old Simmons hexagonal kit). Some fantastic tones on that version!

I didn't use two kick drums. I have a double pedal but am not using it on this track (it's rare I use it). Having the second snare, tuned very tight on the left of hi-hat allows me to do some electronic-style fills, such as at 3:03 where I do most of the fill between my main snare and the second one on my left.

It also enables me to do complex-sounding hi-hat/snare patterns such as from 1:34 - 2:03 without sticks colliding!

Thanks for the very cool track!
very good:)+1
Bam! This is spot on again Martin! This track needs a slapping bass so bad! :) :)+1
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