rain over sydney tonight

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Il n'y a pas encore de remix de cette session !
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As requested from Frank. Thanks for the prod...I enjoyed playing this.


Excellent playing, is this supposed to be the guy who's ''out of whack'' ?
It's sounding mighty good to me.. ;) ;)
Septembre 26 2015 22:35:02
Wade Hopefully my brain isn't "out of whack". Just the chops. Put on my "easy" mouthpiece with the softest reed possible. Otherwise it's me imitating "Bleeding gums Murphy". +2
Septembre 26 2015 23:30:55
nuno1959 :D +0
This Music is weaving in and out of silence. A very nice example of fully intuition based playing.+2
Septembre 25 2015 21:41:29
Wade Thanks Lutz. No other way to play this (for me). Just trying to add a complimentary line that supports and helps feature the guitar. +0
I am glad that you did not neglect Frank's request. I love his track so much that I would want a powerful sax over it. And you did the rightest thing i could imagine...This is the music that I've been wanting and longing to hear..Thank you guys.+2
Décembre 02 2015 20:35:20
Wade You're such a sensitive guy Kenny. Glad this works for you. I was trying to have it seem like Frank and I were sitting together having a jam. This was a single take (warts and all) approach which (hopefully) seems fresh and honest. +1
thanks so much for joining me wade. your beautiful sax playing adds a real touch of class to this tune.+1
Septembre 25 2015 21:55:53
Wade Hey Frank. You're up early! Didn't think I'd hear from you till much later. Glad you like...you are the inspiration. +1
I see you playing your Sax and i have fond memories because you're such a balanced person who knows what he is doing. And I remember like the fact that you have the BBQ stand and provided us with delicious food! :) Very good post by you, Wade and I hope I'm not too sentimental. ;) Like your playing a lot !+1
Septembre 25 2015 21:58:32
Wade Sentimentality is a very good thing, especially for musicians. Means you feel and care. My wife and (imaginary) psychiatrist would disagree about the balanced bit though.

Cheers Adu.
I sit just there in the corner, without moving I listen to you and you already leave..sad...+1
Septembre 25 2015 22:01:24
Wade Ah yes, a slice of life. Beautiful full of promise but short.

Cheers titi.
Septembre 25 2015 22:08:21
titi Yes ! The most beautiful stories are the ones who did not owe ah ah +1
It's extreme senseful and well played Wade! Sometime I go to a music school, there is the son of a friend teacher. There can I hear the very little boys 7,8,9 years old they would try to learn play horn or sax. This is a very long and difficult way, too difficult for me, but not for you!!! Great playing, full with intuition and inspiration :)+1
Septembre 25 2015 22:03:53
Wade So glad this works for you and brings up other things to think about. Although I learned to play instruments at an early age I wasn't very good. I was a much better singer. Singing taught me how to play instruments with feeling. +2
Septembre 25 2015 22:13:30
frankyguitar I wish I could do this, but I think I have not enough endurance... sadly
Do you sing today?
Septembre 25 2015 22:21:35
Wade Singing is not just about having the music come out your mouth...it's hearing it in your head. Too many musicians are taught to play mechanically...yes you need to master the mechanics, but then to really play you need to hear what you want to play and make that happen either vocally or on your instrument. I can talk, so I guess I can still sing...but who would want to listen when I can sing better through the sax? +2
Septembre 25 2015 22:31:38
frankyguitar Yes that's right. But I have mostly the prob that I cannot play what I feel, because my music and playing skills have to grow, huge... ! But, I have time... :) +0
Septembre 25 2015 23:20:37
FrankMil Keep playing Franky - the more the better. Just never forget to listen. +2
Septembre 26 2015 00:38:49
frankyguitar I try, but I have to do more sports and a bit less playing! Otherwise it can fast over with playing.... :) +0
how much peace is magnificent+1
Septembre 25 2015 22:15:00
Wade Such a fine piece from FrankMil that has that wonderful feel of serenity. +3
Very nice+1
Septembre 26 2015 22:29:51
Wade Thanks GB. Good to have you listening and commenting. +0
very tender and touching :)+1
Septembre 26 2015 22:32:23
Wade I especially appreciate it when you comment, as I know that you are sincere. +1
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