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I love ambience. What kinda of remix would you like to see?+0
Very good move! Just the mp3 compression that gives bad feel at some point, sorry for that opinion man... very good feel waves... If you could give better compression result, I could give some try to it with impro cymbals and stuff... you'll see if we have the occasion... this is big temptation for me... please... correction for compression... sounds without too overload gain or whatever it is... common... want that try man... want it!
Amazing feel!!! Really!!!
hmm...no compression, this vst i used likes to go off the deep end, it kinda ramdom...ill have to see if i can even dial it back

PV, whatever sounds right to you, feel free to experiment, get out those fx, or not!
this sounds amazing -
stupid question: does it groove in any way? bpm-wise?
oh did i skip bpm! sht...its 120...if you go on a bit youll hear a kick heartbeat, thats 2 bumps at the start of every other measure...so: kikik,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,kikik+0
maybe you could add that 120 bpm in there? thanks baer+0
excellent sound!!!!!!!!+0
of course, no compression needed+0
Nice sounds!+0
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