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Il n'y a pas encore de remix de cette session !
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Just love this blues track from Balfo. Hope I didn't trod to heavily in making this a duo.


i need a new thesaurus!! old adjectives just will NOT do. Wade, you slide and slur like nobody's bizness - NObody's! fantastic spotlight on Balfo from 1:23 to 1:35 - good of you to let him shine. :) the harmony at 1:54 melts me. my ear could chew on this all day long. THANK YOU, GENTLEMEN!+2
Août 14 2015 11:49:46
Wade You are so sweet in your comments. Most contemporary sax players/teachers will tell you that a sax should never use slides. Don't know why, but it's current orthodoxy. I'm sort of doing a trombone like thing and love using slides where I think appropriate. +1
One of the thing that I love most from your sax play Wade is how you blend smoothly with the track, how you calm the heart with your playful style, outstanding performance!+2
Août 14 2015 11:59:08
Wade What an amazing thing to say! Best compliment ever. It's the real test to see how well one can fit in. In this one I'm taking a very forward position considering Balfo's track certainly didn't need to become a duo. +1
Août 14 2015 18:25:17
aleonz what I learn (coughing) hehehe,
from the time I acknowledge you and balfo have that "strong character" in the way the two of you play your instruments. but somehow you manage how to make the balance without dominating one to another, and it's make an outstanding instrumental duet performance , an excellent dialogue in one track.and that's sooo incredible extra cool! Bravo for the two of you :)
Août 15 2015 06:07:48
Wade Part of this may come from not thinking of the sax as always being a dominant solo instrument. I'm very happy giving support and just being "in the music". Can't see the point of playing on top of anyone. I'm happy to leave 98% of tracks alone if I have nothing to say or add. Blues and jazz are fairly solid areas for sax players. IMHO the mistake many sax players make is to impose these on top of other styles instead of using the sax as just another instrument. +0
This is the most bluesiest blues piece, I´ve been listening for a long time! How is this sax style called again... Ah I know: It´s best played wade style! :)+1
Août 14 2015 11:45:04
Wade Don't know that much about Blues styles. Do hear people talking about Memphis style compared to Chicago...but couldn't tell you what the difference is. To me it's just swampy. Glad you like. All due to Balfo's magic slide work. +1
Very cool blues, Wade!+1
Août 14 2015 11:46:35
Wade Thanks man, simple stuff that doesn't demand much and is helping me get my mojo back. +0
Each one from his side of the planet and then... The Blues appears just like if you were next to me!
Come On Guys, you're so good !
Août 14 2015 11:51:27
Wade Such a kind comment! Part of my mojo recovery project. All credit to Balbo for this amazing slide Blues. +0
Sounds like you aren't lacking in that Brass Pole stuff. Nice job! :)+1
Août 14 2015 11:52:52
Wade So dirty I had to take a bath afterwards. Yea, may not be a good way to get to heaven, but I'm OK with a bit of good dirty fun. +1
Oh, yeh - this is very good!+1
Août 14 2015 11:53:13
Wade Thanks so much for your listen and comment. +1
Foot stompin good ! :)+1
Août 14 2015 11:53:59
Wade Nowhere as creative as your endeavors, but it's easy fun. +0
Excellent, you guys make a fine duo.+1
Août 14 2015 11:54:35
Wade OK, you can be our agent and do the bookings. Thanks Psycho! +1
already own the beginning pulled me under the spell! just perfect!+1
Août 14 2015 11:55:38
Wade The spell is Balfo's, I'm just the accompaniment. such a great track from him. Thanks. +0
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