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Hey guysim new! This is my first upload, not even sure im doing it right, will appreciate any feedback positive or negative! Thanks! As far as remixes you guys just go crazy, i will listen to them all! Im most looking forward to vocals tho!
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hiphop, electro, dubstep


That's a great jam. Off the hook. I like it.+2
Août 13 2015 04:42:31
Fichte Thanks, i appreciate it! +1
Août 13 2015 04:43:29
Girard yup welcome to "the rock" I like to say. +1
Août 13 2015 04:47:08
Fichte Haha thanks man, im looking forward to getting accustomed to everything and getting some equipment, this seems like its gonna be a blast +1
Août 13 2015 04:48:46
Girard It's real laid back, nobody is gonna be mean or anything like that. Don't worry, just be friendly and add to other people's stuff too if you wanna make acquaintances quickly. +2
Août 13 2015 04:58:37
Fichte Will do! Thanks for the advice my friend +1
Awesome man! Great first upload!+1
Good stuff. Welcome to loops.+1
That sounds !
Well done and welcome Fichte
Welcome! Sounds like you've landed with some heavy artillery. You'll have fun here.+1
welcome great start+1
Yeah same thoughts as Dave-t and this is one hell of a sound fantastic :)+1
Août 14 2015 03:39:07
Fichte Thank you everyone for the compliments! +1
Very cool, great atmosphere...sound is smooth and mixed very well. :) 10 days late...but Welcome to the Loops! :)+1
Août 23 2015 20:25:48
Fichte Lol thanks! Im having a lot of fun with it! Unfortunately, i wrote all of these tracks before i had heard of wikiloops, so most of them are not "jam-able" lol +1
Août 23 2015 20:30:58
KellsBells All tracks are "Jam-able" Something could always be added and if not they are awesome to sit back and listen to! :) +2
This is killer !+1
Novembre 25 2015 03:50:18
Fichte Thank you! +1
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