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This was a short catchy tune that I expanded using Audacity for the 1st time editing like this before laying vocal. Practicing is the only way to learn. I wanna add some guitar too, but feel free to add your own thoughts to this I feel, to justify the backing drum/keys bass laid down.
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I think U should also post complaint as well as compliment, as long as it is not belligerent. If we were all experts, we'ed probably be 2 busy on the road 2 b here. just sayin' :) This sounds way 2 loud and I don't understand, it's not that loud in Audacity. wut the h am I doing wrong :(+1
Dave, This is a great add to a wonderful Template, well done.
I think you should try to upload only your voice record. So can do one of our mixing cracks a new version. What do you think about this?
Juillet 12 2015 19:31:30
Davnel99 well I could do that Franky, except the original track is only 51 seconds long, my expanded version takes it past 2 min and the vocal is not separate. +1
Juillet 12 2015 19:46:15
frankyguitar I understand, but what can happen ecxept, it do not work! I would spent a bit Time with it, because it's so nice!! +0
Juillet 12 2015 20:37:49
Davnel99 I'm not concerned what can happen, I do not have a separate track for the vocal. I would have to go back to the original 51 sec track that the guys laid down, figure out how to redo the editing to expand the length, then redo the vocal again. So if you wanna play with the original track you can download it and make any mod u want to that track. +1
Juillet 12 2015 20:42:22
Davnel99 If I knew this was gonna work out ok, I should have saved the original modified track that I created b4 the vocal, but I did not do that, thinking it was going to be all out of sync anyway. +1
Juillet 13 2015 05:06:37
frankyguitar Okay, that's true! I forget this. If it out of Time it's very bad! It's pity but thanks for awnsering! Have a nice day.....😀😀😀😀 +1
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