The Attentional Gate

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supremely deliberate and solemn piano.
the strings(?) and cello(?) so sweetly eerie.
i close my eyes and the piano is blood dripping into water, and the strings are the pink stain spreading out, slowly, but surely. 3:13 - ooooo, love that background! what a finish! good to be back to hear your musical mind at work - you do not disappoint. :)
Juin 19 2015 09:36:34
Liesching Dear Anne, glad you´re back for a listen! Thank you for this kind review! +0
Melancholy and beauty!
Sadness and hope, darkness and tenderness... Melting pot of emotions Marc.
Juin 18 2015 21:20:05
piper (╥︣﹏᷅╥) +1
Juin 18 2015 22:04:07
Liesching Merci bien mon ami! +1
Juin 18 2015 22:04:33
Liesching Thank you for the listen, Piper! :) +1
Juin 19 2015 02:58:16
piper Always a pleasure Liesching! +2
Sometimes your music just leaves me speechless. :) ...I just close my eyes and let it take me away. So easy to get lost in the flood of emotions your playing evokes. So much beauty, Marc. Bravo!+2
Juin 19 2015 09:38:58
Liesching You actually described my feelings when I´m listening to your beautiful songs! Thanks a bundle, Kelly! Hope we could jam again in the near future. :) +1
Juin 19 2015 12:53:43
KellsBells It would be an honor. :) +1
What more is there to say, to feel, to observe, to delight in, to dream, to enjoy and to wonder about such extraordinary musical magic that everyone hasn't already complimented on? I'm blessed! :)+2
Juin 20 2015 13:36:05
Liesching Thank you Marianne for this extraordinary compliment. Have a great weekend.:) +1
Juin 21 2015 00:43:48
Marianne and thank you, Marc!
Wishing you a lovely weekend as well! :)
In a hurried world it's so refreshing to hear this. The time is taken, without apologies or excuses, to weave this emotional web that catches our hearts.+2
Juillet 05 2015 17:26:11
Liesching According to your precise and wonderful compliment you seem to be aware of the attentional gate theory! I´ve been tryin to express this with this piece! Thank you for your so open minded and sensitive listening, wade! +1
Juillet 06 2015 08:01:49
Wade I wasn't aware of this theory, but think that it's certainly logical. Chopin didn't require it but knew that changing the tempo engaged the listener's attention, ultimately giving a more personal/emotional response.

In a world of computer (drum machine?) generated "mindless" beats, it's engaging and refreshing to hear music (like yours) with less typical tempi and the use of dynamics. As the theory seems to indicate we engage and use more of our faculties when there is variation and more than one area of focus.

Two of music's most powerful elements of communication are missing from much of today's popular music: dynamics (variation in volume) and variations in tempi. Each is capable of powerful communication.

At the risk of further proving myself an old fart, I'd call much of today's contemporary music a "dumbing-down" to suit a lowest common denominator. Music seems dominated by spoken or sung words and dance beats.

Everyone (subliminally?) recognizes how music (that isn't dance music or sung) is used 90% of the time to give the emotional context for films. Does society only want to engage emotionally with music at the movies or need to be told (in words) how they should be reacting?

...Sorry about the rant.
Juillet 06 2015 08:12:55
Liesching I entirely agree with your thoughts Wade! Thank you! Such a statement here could be seen as much more important than a 43000th track upload! :) +2
Août 10 2015 23:00:52
heliandros I read this, wade, and I have to subscribe your view. Isolated on this beautiful isle of aesthetics and art, far from the influence of god mammon, and liberated from our compulsion for appreciation, we have here nearly paradise... +3
Pit Brett
coole Filmmusik! sehr interessante Spannungsbögen :)+1
Juin 18 2015 22:01:25
Pit Brett
Liesching Danke Dir, lieber Pit! +1
Very nice !!:)+1
Juin 18 2015 22:00:39
Liesching Thanks Mish! Happy you liked it! :) +1
sehr, sehr schön Marc.
Du erzeugst eine Atmosphäre in die es einen beim hören hineinsaugt ... Top ;o)
Juin 18 2015 22:02:42
Liesching Danke Dir. Nichts anderes empfindeich bei Deinen Liedern. Ich kann Dir nicht sagen, wie oft ich mir "Zerbrechlich" angehört habe... Du hieltest mich für verrückt! +0
Sehr schönes Stück!!+1
Juin 18 2015 22:03:24
Liesching Danke Dir, TG! +0
I am always anxious to hear your music when I see that you post.
This one is absolutely fabulous. Musical poetry.
I wonder if Klaudia will resist to this one? Surely not and I am waiting to hear.
Juin 18 2015 22:30:21
ROBJOL I take that for an invitation.
And I will surely do so in a near future.
Juin 19 2015 09:27:05
Liesching GREAT! Looking forward... :) +0
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