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Ok guys here is what is happening: I wanted to solo guitar on it, but as I am not fond of 4 minutes of wailing guitar solos I think I'll wait for someone to add vocals to it so I can do my thing. But I did add some background guitar with a fairly clear tone to break up the "dark" rhythm of the template. So open for all as always, but would be nice if someone would leave some ...
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Keiichiro, zz top, blues, blues rock


Good job TG! Nice add to Keichii's fine template. It could to be get a hit..👍👍+1
Yeah, 4 minutes of good soloing is tough, but I know you can do it :) This is good enough for now. Nice job TG !!+1
schönes Stück :)+1
Nice TG :)+1
great stuff mate :)+1
Thanks for joining, good sound and nice playing TG :)+1
Mai 02 2015 00:09:42
TeeGee Thanks for the template, great as always! +0
perfect complement with previous guitar Keii, good job TG, but you are able to maintain 4-minute , the example is Karoline39, nightmare+1
Mai 02 2015 01:38:14
TeeGee Thanks Ivax! Yes sometimes a long instrumental solo works, but most of the time (I think) after a couple of minutes it becomes repetitive. I find if you have singer or another instrument in between it makes it more interesting. We guitarists are always accused of going on to looooooooong with our solos :D +1
Mai 02 2015 01:43:07
ivax Yes, you're right, is a great idea... We the guitarist sometimes deal with all the track with frills +1
The add you made here to Kei's template gave me the juice needed to write the lyrics TG!;)
Awesome playing m8!:):)
Cool one, like the guitar sound!!+0
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