Body To Body

United States
Batterie, Clavier & Basse:
Zamzam297 jams
Marceys982 jams
step II
New Zealand
Wade537 jams

Il n'y a pas encore de remix de cette session !
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Another work out for the Cheap Chinese Sopranino. Get in tune you little bastard!


Here you are! Cool sound Wade! It's not always the quality of the instrument but what the musician can do with it! Great feel and flow! :)+3
Avril 18 2015 12:07:19
Wade Thanks Marceys. Thanks for sharing this fine track from you and the Zam Man. Just need more time/practice to get the intonation as it should be. +1
Cool, altogether!:)+1
Avril 18 2015 12:05:06
Wade Thanks Steve. Love the hypnotic feel of this...just hope I didn't stir it up too much. +0
cool groove from Zam, nice soft vocals from Marceys and a sweet sax from Wade there.......good to listen to from you all :)+1
Avril 18 2015 12:08:28
Wade Ah Ms Shi! You are so kind. Thanks for the listen and comment. Love this track from the guys. +1
I agree with Marceys Wade... great touch!! And great work from all of you, sounds great mates.+1
Avril 18 2015 12:11:16
Wade Thanks Guadana. Working on the little beastie to try and tame it. +2
Battle won Wade, don't worry ;)!! Nice sax+1
Avril 18 2015 12:13:02
Wade Thanks franzolt. Still needs some intonation work to play in tune. The higher the pitch the more you hear when it's out of tune. Very sensitive and each instrument has it's own quirks. Just takes time and practice. +1
Avril 18 2015 12:18:01
Anno_Nym OH! :) Don't talk to me about things coming from China!! ;) hahaha. Thumbs again +0
Dunno, Maybe that thing was built by a master Chinaman :) Excellent Wade !!+1
Avril 18 2015 21:33:43
Wade E-bay el cheapo. Big difference in tone and intonation compared to my "good" sopraninos. Same as a cheap can still play and sound OK...just not as good as on a better instrument. +0
Nice singing sax with lots of nice bends.+1
Avril 18 2015 21:35:53
Wade Thanks cschlote! The sax purists don't think bends are OK. Glad you've got fine open ears! IMHO everything is fair to make the sax sing. +1
how nice! i most like your improvisation with marceys at the end. great conversation :)+1
Avril 18 2015 21:37:10
Pit Brett
Wade Thanks Pit. Big smile from me. I did run over Marceys piano a bit, but wanted to establish that dialogue. Just took over where he went down a bit in volume. +0
Avril 18 2015 21:37:43
Wade Thanks for the listen and comment Frankie. Much appreciated. +0
yes!!! Again very suitable add, perfect Wade:)+1
Avril 18 2015 21:38:18
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks Lenny. Always appreciate your listens and comments. +1
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