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I've been thinking to do this a long time - if you'd like to learn to play reggae, here is a very simple lesson to get you started on some basic tricks. It is quite common to have tracks without a fixed structure, so the band has to follow the singers commands (I'll explain them in the lyrics field). The excellent backing bands do it on very short notice :) You will find sample remixes of what is expected to ...


,... and let me back this up, by adding this, as a starting bass player i really sucked at rhythmic, tit i got the chance to play in my first band, no audition needed, , the only thing i had to do was buy 1 old school alarm clock, yk those with bells on top, the 1s you can really hear ticking and sleep next to it, ... during sleep you still hear sound and the brain records this,... now when i 'm not sure about the rhythmics at a session, i just close my eye's and try to focus om my old school alarm clock.+1
Juin 28 2017 21:29:59
MindSpin 60bpm? lol +0
Thanks a lot for this great look behind the secret of reggae music!! ;)
But - musicians shouldn`t accept any kind of rules. So dont play by using your brain - play by using your heart. ;)
coooool :) should be fun !!+0
do i understand you correct? is this a practice 4 players to get rhythmic stable?+0
Février 26 2015 21:24:21
Baer well, if you never played those standard changes, this might be a good way to get started :) just posted several remixes, so one can pick the right one matching the instrument to practise.... we have few really good skankers on the maybe theres some who'd like to play around a little (no offense :) +1
Février 26 2015 21:30:05
BlankSpace :), indeed no offense, i like it! generally, at jamsessions the rhythmic skills are poor :/ so i can only support this +1 +1
Love that U-I-U+0
Février 27 2015 12:10:05
Dick hehe, you know what hats about :)
its always strange to notice how few organ players are able to keep that up thru a song - its one of the really really important reggae ingredients :)
Février 27 2015 13:39:19
jmrukkers To avoid confusion for those that may not be into reggae that much, Dick is referring to the reggae "bubble", which is often played on a B3 or similar organ. For an example, visit #33774 +0
these are profi instructions, can´t understand anything ;) ... but it seems funny ;) haha+0
here's another command thats missing here:
"PULL UP" is the correct command to let the band know its supposed to stop playing - its actually referring to the DJ (="selecta") who would "pull up" the record. Good backing bands do it in the very middle of anything, pull up + restart is a very common thing to do - for whatever reason :)
I will try that too thks :)+0
francisco al
bem legal+0
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