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The question we would like to ask is, do the things recorded with the eyes outweigh the things our imaginations perceive. Not having a category for spoken word songs makes it very difficult to place so hopefully the listener won't be disappointed.


the answer seems pretty clear to me:
things in our imagination will outweigh sensual perceiptions any time, just think of the difference it makes to read a book and then watch the movie based on this book. I always end up thinking the imagined (read) book to be better than the movie, simply because you were allowed to fill in any blanks with imagination, whereas a picture will not allow you to do that.
Décembre 27 2014 19:45:06
Wade So right. Also applies to filling up the music too much. Leave something to the imagination! +1
Décembre 27 2014 20:14:28
allgirl i totally agree, Baer. When i write a description of a character in a story, i try to be as vague as possible so that the reader can fill in their own likes and dislikes. as the writer, my idea of a woman's perfect figure, for example, might be totally different than the readers and how i describe it would spoil the picture for the reader. +1
I love your music, no matter what category it is sorted ... please much more of it ;o)+2
Décembre 27 2014 20:10:15
allgirl thank you, Uli, for your comment. +1
Décembre 27 2014 20:14:46
Baer i'd put experimental stuff like this into the electronic corner, simply because the music is done electronically - lets please not forget this is a site where 99% of all visitors browse genres for backing tracks. I dont believe anyone ever said there was anything wrong with allgirls contributions. +1
So sexy and with a nice/odd mixture of kinky, classy and dirty.+2
Décembre 27 2014 20:09:12
allgirl thank you, Wade, for your comment. +1
Brilliant !! One of your best+1
Décembre 28 2014 09:50:42
Marianne WOW...thank you, cody! Paidra's unique writing style is able to touch on any subject any time :) +1
Thought provoking, as always :) Great track Ladies :)+1
Décembre 31 2014 08:00:48
Marianne Thank you for your perceptive response, Rob<. We so enjoy your feedback :) +0
Sensual perception might open up different imaginative spaces, or allow for new insights. Simple example: one might find that someone who is not their type can be quite appealing.
as for movies - good acting can make you realize things that could not be verbally expressed in the same ways. And if its a book, it might make you see something thats not in the book but can be quite inspiring. Of course what you say is also true. Interesting topic. Thanks for the thoughts & presentation, i enjoyed it a lot!
Décembre 31 2014 08:03:29
Marianne Indeed. Different people see different things in matters of perception and tastes. Some peoples imagination varies a lot as well. Thank you for enjoying this test, machete :) +1
Janvier 03 2015 09:05:26
machete its a wonderful thing to stay open for the many possibilities :)
and the pleasure was mine :)
Janvier 04 2015 07:02:43
Marianne Thank you, machete...I believe there's black and white in life, but there are greater shades of remind us to keep an open mind in this broken world. :) +1
Janvier 04 2015 10:50:16
machete to making things better with senses and minds! :) +1
Janvier 04 2015 22:31:32
Marianne Sure...and to know the difference between honoring the Lord and seeking praise from men.:) +0
Hope Paidra is gonna be alright soon!+0
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