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GeoWaEng 23 jams

Il n'y a pas encore de remix de cette session !
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16 mai 2024
Inspired by PierreOghi fantastic Reggae Grooves, I would have tried producing anything similar, and here it is. Some experts may declare it isn't a real Reggae, maybe they are right, but it is the best I was able to create by myself. And therefore, besides my finally mixed track, I have added a template track and hopefully a drummer, a bass player, a guitar player and a flutist or any musician else is interessted to create a funny jam session whith ...
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I like the way you create space here, the different instruments fit well together, great atmosphere!:W +0
17 mai 2024 à 10:22
GeoWaEng Thank you Pewi, I am very pleased that you enjoy it, looking forward for different interpretations ;) +1
Really cool piece here. +0
17 mai 2024 à 10:13
GeoWaEng Thank's a lot Bradford +0
Cool track, sounds good. Does not leave a lot of space for other instruments, but well done!! +0
17 mai 2024 à 10:12
GeoWaEng Thank's TeeGee, I really enjoy your Post, you are right in the full version is not much space for additional adds, therefore I have spent a template for download including minimal instrumentation :| +1
Wow so creative,really goooood stuff. +0
17 mai 2024 à 13:17
GeoWaEng Thank's a lot Johnny, it would be a pleasure to me, if you add some groovy drum patterns to my template one time :W +1
It may not be traditional reggae, but it's charming and works! +0
18 mai 2024 à 13:23
GeoWaEng Thanks a lot Wade, your comfort words calming myself ;)
I like the Reggae style so much and over and over I try to produce one, but it's a real challenge to my muscial talent, but I never will giving up :)
18 mai 2024 à 13:31
Wade Listen to the bass line in reggae tunes you like and build from that. The groove is simple strong and direct. Singing along with the bass and rhythm can help. +1
18 mai 2024 à 14:06
GeoWaEng Okay Wade, I will do some investigations the next days in this direction and pay more attention to the bass lines
thanks for your help :Y
nice track from you Geo :) liking all the layers here :) +0
25 mai 2024 à 16:20
GeoWaEng Thank's a lot Shi, you know Reggae style is my own challenge ;) +1
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