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8 sept. 2023
Yes! I'm off tomorrow for three weeks of nervously trying to make connections and visit elder sisters (one's 93!). This wonderful and rare jam was cooked up by FrankieJ and Offfocus. Alto sax added. Back in three weeks with few opportunities to check in and say be good to each other until then!
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Very nice that you give us something for listening for the next weeks. Have fun with your sisters 93 years old wow, my father is 94 now.:) +2
8 septembre 2023 à 11:54
Wade Haven't seen my family since a few years before lockdown. Changes in oldies are similar to reverse! +3
8 septembre 2023 à 13:39
solozolo Enjoy your family time Wade and stay safe nice sax :Y<3:Y +1
29 septembre 2023 à 06:05
Wade Thanks so much! Back now and it was a good "get away". +1
Wade Wade Wade. He’s traversing the airport with his luggage and is in fine form, mood and condition. It’s time for this potato dude to roll. He says hold my travel items and then puts it down (talking to his friend Mr floor tile who does a hats off gesture to the friendly potato. The tile lifts 4 inches straight up and then sets back down. )Potato head does the same with his red ball cap. Then he dives into the frying oil at the airport food court, instantly splitting into fries and swirling out and then back into Mr Potato head like the liquid terminator. Then he jumps and taps the bottoms of his feet together as he slinks away into the boarding gate +2
29 septembre 2023 à 06:13
Wade Wow!? Didn't see that one coming. Fried Mr potato head!

Glad to be back anyway and with you and all. Will try to be present in the mad rush to catch up with projects left abandoned.
Super cool jam Wade. +1
29 septembre 2023 à 06:06
Wade Cheers David. Glad to be back and find a few likes for this track. Thanks! +1
Great jam! Won't be around myself for a while, have a good trip my friend. +1
29 septembre 2023 à 06:07
Wade Thanks Raindox. Now back and very grateful for your comment. +1
Everything so wonderfully made by You (and the Band).
If I had to give the Sax tone an artificial/made up name, I'd call it "golden, silky"
29 septembre 2023 à 06:08
Wade "Golden Silky"? A good name for a dog! Well, in Chinese astrology I'm a I guess it fits! Cheers Hartmut! +1
Always a pleasure to listen to your cadences and your pace in relation to the progression of the piece, your lines always so well constructed! Have a safe trip Wade and a big hug! +1
29 septembre 2023 à 06:10
Wade Thanks so much Stef. Now back and probably unable to catch up with everybody's tracks. Just good to be here now. +0
enjoy your time off Wade and thanks for leaving us with a fun and exciting add here <3 +1
29 septembre 2023 à 06:11
Wade Thanks Nick. Now back and hoping to catch up a bit, but not likely to hear all that went on. +1
29 septembre 2023 à 06:24
rootshell welcome back Wade :W<3 +1
What a lovely brother you are wade taking time to visit your lovely elderly sister wow 93 :o Great sax<3 +1
29 septembre 2023 à 06:15
Wade Thanks so much Dorothy. I was supposed to be there for her 90th, but Covid struck. Am back now. Was a good trip! +1
Hey Wade! I'm back. What a wonderful track full of enigma and ease. I love it. +1
29 septembre 2023 à 06:16
Wade And I'm now back too! Was gone for three weeks and probably won't catch up on all the great tunes missed. So glad you liked the track. Best to you! +0
Very cool!!!! Swinging with a a tasty joyous melodic prance with a hip lilt!!!! Excellent, Wade!!! +1
29 septembre 2023 à 06:17
Wade Thanks Dan. Just got back from three weeks away, so trying to catch up with yours and the other kind comments. Wishing you all the best. +0
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