Soul and Heart

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Alex Nyman
New Zealand
Alex Nyman 400 jams

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15 juil. 2023
From me to you Mario🙏 thank you for the peaceful and joyful few minutes. I added soprano. Room for another soloist in the middle and wherever else you may want to play😎and thank you for listening if you have time. Always much appreciated🎶🎵🎶
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Sweetness and tranquility atmosphere- Beautiful Monsieur:) +2
15 juillet 2023 à 07:01
Alex Nyman
Alex Nyman Merci beaucoup Monsieur ❤️😎🙏 +1
<3<3<3 lovely as ever Alex <3<3<3 +2
15 juillet 2023 à 07:12
Alex Nyman
Alex Nyman Hey Nick😎 thank you 🙏 hope it’s not too hot where you are? +1
15 juillet 2023 à 08:39
rootshell its gonna be extremely warm this weekend, 109 and 111 :o +1
15 juillet 2023 à 09:16
Alex Nyman
Alex Nyman Holy 😅😳 that’s a slow roast for ribs right? +1
You always have to have time to listen to you!!! and if there isn't even time, you have to look for it... it's wonderful to hear that saxophone line!! really sensitive and adequate... at the beginning you generate a tension in the beat that is really masterful!!! Thank you for joining and as always for your generosity leaving free room!! :);)<3 🙏 +2
15 juillet 2023 à 15:12
Alex Nyman
Alex Nyman Always a pleasure to work with you Mario❤️😎🙏 +1
<3<3 Fantastic +2
15 juillet 2023 à 15:11
Alex Nyman
Alex Nyman Appreciated Andrea❤️😎🙏 +0
Its soul & talent like this that makes the music the world and all of us better...never ever stop Alex<3 +1
15 juillet 2023 à 15:10
Alex Nyman
Alex Nyman Thanks Peter😎❤️ +0
Beautiful sensitive touch - so warm relaxing atmosphere! :) +1
15 juillet 2023 à 15:10
Alex Nyman
Alex Nyman Thank you Andrea❤️😎🙏 +0
What tenderness ! <3 +1
15 juillet 2023 à 20:20
Alex Nyman
Alex Nyman So kind thank you JP😎🙏❤️ +0
So very Special, Alex!!!! Tenderness that is hard to find!!!! Beautiful melodic playing!!! Masterful!!!! +1
15 juillet 2023 à 20:20
Alex Nyman
Alex Nyman Sincere thanks Dan🙏😎 +0
Stupendo<3 +1
15 juillet 2023 à 20:19
Alex Nyman
Alex Nyman Thank you so much Tony❤️😎🙏 +1
Beautiful playing Alex :) <3 +1
16 juillet 2023 à 01:24
Alex Nyman
Alex Nyman Much appreciated Rob❤️😎🙏 +1
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Para mi significa, la revelacion de que puedo "hablar" con musicos de todo el mundo en este idioma que todos conocemos LA MUSICA!!!
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