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Awsome bass sound on this Joe! Reminds me a lot of Flea, but with a strong personal "Joe" touch :W+1
Octobre 30 2022 18:09:01
JoeOnBass Thank you. I bought the Tech21 dug pinnick pedal on a whim at NAMM a year ago and I've used it ever since. it really records well. +1
Octobre 30 2022 18:11:12
SoulFingers The sound is nice and crisp. You made a long-time RHCP fan happy :D +1
Great Joe!!! :W:W:Y:Y+1
ooh this is funkyyyy :) that bass sounds great Joe :)+1
This is huge , love it+1
Octobre 30 2022 20:30:17
JoeOnBass I was really digging the overlaid guitar funky stuff, doing the decline. Absolutely awesome! +1
yeah, definitely channelling the chilli's, but with a bit more muscularity and a lot of panache!+1
Octobre 30 2022 21:52:52
JoeOnBass It's funky Sunday! :D +0
Wow...grooving hard :W+1
Octobre 31 2022 05:41:08
JoeOnBass Thanks for checking it out. It was fun stuff. +1
dang! that's hot+1
Octobre 31 2022 16:15:53
JoeOnBass Thank you. It was fun to make. +0
Driving funk rock bass groove.. awesome Joe! :W+1
Novembre 13 2022 22:51:06
JoeOnBass Thanks Ernie, it's right before the strings started getting dull. lol. Last big punch before they go muddy. +1
Novembre 13 2022 23:24:36
Ernie440 haha U and yer fackin' new strings bro!! It's a great sound though, for sure. I'm deep in the muddy waters! Been sifting thru my basses lately .. looking for ones with newer strings LMAO!! :D My jazz bass is definitely the deadest though ... years of gigs and home jamming .. it's time! I do have a new set on my desk that my nephew gave me for Xmas about 5 years ago lol .. GHS pressurewound bass ... the write up on the pkg sounds good haha +0
Novembre 14 2022 00:29:00
JoeOnBass Some artists make a career out of a single set of strings. I used to but I started loving this punchy tone and now I keep changing them every few months. At the NAMM show this past year Ernie Ball gave me a flatwound slinky to try. I haven't tried them on anything yet but I'm going to jam with some blues guys next weekend, I might try them. I never used a flatwound, might be interesting, stop all that sliding fret noise. +1
Novembre 14 2022 19:18:13
Ernie440 these things don't look anything like a typical flatwound ... I had a set years ago of these half rounds that are the same thing I guess flattened out roundwounds ... it's weird, feel rougher on my fingers than a regular roundwound which is plenty slippery in my book. It's an odd thing haha Not a giant fan of the flatwound feel.. I have them on my fretless basses. I do have a bass with a resin neck with roundwounds on it. Don't like risking my my wood boards with roundwounds, I hit pretty hard. Those ernie's you got are real flatwounds.. you'll probably find them too "dead" for your tastes is my guess. Put them on a bass you don't use that often and pull it out for vintage motown tunes, maybe .. hehe +1
Novembre 14 2022 19:54:52
JoeOnBass Ive been hesitant, though I have a Big Al Musicman I thought I'd give them a go on, the strings on it are relatively new, I don't use it too often. Maybe next year, lol. +1
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