BB618 jams
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BB618 jams

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I've added my hopeless voice to show where the singing goes in the arrangement. It gives some idea of the melody too. I hope it doesn't hurt too much. Thanks for listening
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Trance, dance, dub, balearic, hope


sweet vocal and harp melody and pretty lyrics from you BB :)+2
Septembre 03 2022 19:26:32
BB6 Glad you like the melody and lyrics, Shi, and thanks for being so kind about my voice. You make me laugh! +0
Septembre 04 2022 22:37:42
BB6 Thank you Shi. I said you make me laugh in my other comment because I thought perhaps you were joking with what you said about sweet vocal and harp melody. But I've had no criticism elsewhere about my voice so perhaps I'm not as bad as I thought I was. But lots of room for improvement! Thanks! +0
Hi Peter, don't worry everything is fine! You did a great job! :) Your metronome gives the sense of time in which you must have a lot of hope, patience & endurance for those who have the knowledge, among the many vicissitudes of life, to reach the final goal that seems an end but is only another beginning. Well done! ;)+1
Septembre 03 2022 19:24:22
BB6 Ha ha, well said. That metronome certainly tries the patience! +0
that is very good, BB6!+1
Septembre 03 2022 19:27:52
BB6 Thanks, hartmut. +1
Good composition, but I've got to admit the the metronome drives me nuts.+1
Septembre 04 2022 12:52:12
BB6 Thanks, Wade, I don't have any other instruments except mouthorgan. Although I have a bell, so perhaps next time I'll play the bell in time to the metronome. But that might be doubly maddening! +1
Septembre 04 2022 21:00:33
Wade Ha! please no! Lots of players here never use a click track or metronome. We just play in free-form rhythm. You can also record the metronome and have that in your headphones (so we don't hear it, but you do). That way others just hear what you've played and can add drums or other instruments without that irritating sound. +1
Septembre 04 2022 22:02:27
BB6 Thanks. Good advice +1
What the others said already, BB6 - wonderful :) Love your voice :)+1
Septembre 05 2022 19:09:30
BB6 Thank you very much. I'm gobsmacked actually because I thought my voice was terrible, but perhaps it's not as bad as I thought. Nobody on wikiloops has criticised it at all and I did expect some form of criticism or polite suggestion. Much room for improvement though. Thanks! +1
Septembre 06 2022 08:22:10
wjl Well I've been to England (and later to Scotland) since I was 15, and it's always so nice to hear a native speaker, just love that :) And for suggestions about improvement: well yes, you could try Audacity or any other free tool (I'm using the basically free - for me at least, on Linux - Ardour DAW) to mix things like the original templates and the output from your Zoom H2n. Can that one act as an audio interface, like my H5 offers? Never used it as one, but I know it could do that job as well. But for these tips we have the forum, feel free to ask if you need help and/or advice.
And thanks for being with us - your contributions are great! :)
Septembre 06 2022 11:58:30
BB6 Thanks for the tips Wolfgang. I'll maybe have to try Ardour again (I use Linux too). I've now got a Boss BR-80 and that should interface OK if I have to. It seemed like the most intuitive when reading the description and was a good bargain for £100. Only just opened the box.

I only discovered the forum yesterday, too busy on the main site! Will investigate once I've know the basics of this Boss.
You have a really nice voice. Love the harp& Lyrics BB<3<3<3+1
Septembre 16 2022 19:41:34
BB6 Thank you Dot. <3 I've now accepted, after several positive comments, that I have a nice voice. So I aim to keep singing and improving. More good stuff coming soon :) +1
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