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Doubled acoustic guitars. 70s ballad style IMO. The ending is a very hypnotic, suspended, fingerpicked section.
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Bread, Jim Croce, Harry Chapin, Doubled, Acoustic


cool ballad+1
Septembre 14 2014 05:11:08
JonJon now, if I could only sing like Robin Zander +1
very nice Jon:)cool chords m8!:)+1
Septembre 14 2014 05:35:40
JonJon Thanks. The loops are a good influence on me....changed strings on the acoustic first time in probably 15 years. Seriously lol +1
Septembre 14 2014 06:02:37
incivanpico cool stuff m8:D +1
Thanks for the great description of the chords etc.+1
Septembre 14 2014 05:46:51
JonJon np, some arent exact like A/E but I think peeps can figure it out from the recording. I use this sometimes
Thanks for checking out my are one of the better acoustic and electric riff writers on the loops. Peace
cool acoustic track ! very nice sound ;)+1
Lovely, ending is very sweet+1
NICE JJ, very nice - perfect while fully waking up & resetting my brain back into working order ! ;)+1
incredible recording quality of acoustic guitars! :)+1
Septembre 14 2014 14:09:33
JonJon Thanks

just a cheap ovation roundback which is a real hassle to play because it slides all over the place. I did change strings though for the first time in probably 15 years lol. I used my fingers and used the finger/fingernail to strum like a pick. I am clueless as far as actual fingerpicking patterns so the end part is just thumb and first finger picking "any which way u can" style

AKG C3000 Mic about a foot away. Focusrite 2i4 interface

It was sort of a pain, lol. I have the worlds squeakiest chair plus I sit right by the air conditioner vent so I had to turn the air and box fan off while recording.

Then I took like an hour trying to get out the loudest string/finger squeaks so I could bring the overall level up. I use Reaper DAW

Parts are doubled left/right and the last section has some reverb on it.

A large part of the sound is using a high pass filter on the EQ to cut most stuff out down around 200hz and below. If not for that my recording would just be a boomy mess.

To be honest I am still a real newb at "producing"...I just started using my first DAW like 60 days ago. Some of my stuff is still a little "rushed" to get it published and I need to just sit and figure out how to get sounds as opposed to writing at the same time
Septembre 14 2014 17:33:53
Neronick Without any doubt you have great talents to find the sweet spot of your acoustic guitar for this mic :) +1
Septembre 14 2014 17:42:15
JonJon nah, im not that technical with it. Its more like "hmm, where can I put this mic so its somewhere near the acoustic soundhole? I have a little short mic stand but it was too short to sit it on the floor so I sat it on top of a small file cabinet so the mic was actually about a foot above the gtr. I angled the mic downward etc. If it would have been easily done I would have had it right at the soundhole.

Same with electric...people get all technical with mic placement bit from where Im sitting in this chair I cant really see thru the grillcloth so its just pointing "in there somewhere" as opposed to "30degrees off axis an inch out from the center" blah blah
nice playing :) and welcome to the loops! :)+1
Septembre 19 2014 23:44:06
JonJon Thanks, I have been admiring your work +0
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