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Have a minor key majestic blues in my head for over a year. Please help me out. Ill get the chords up soon (Bm, F#, Gm etc...) Thanks for listening!


<3Yes Majestic indeed<3:) and I can think of only one Bluesy Ballsy Drummer who could do this real Justice unfortunately though he passed to soon (God Bless John Henry B RIP), so youll have to make do with me Joe, sorry my friend Haha:o:D:W+1
Novembre 19 2021 21:52:26
LittleWing Oh Peter , I’m well aware the Since I’ve Been Loving similarities. I feel it’s a negative. It’s just ingrained in me. I would rather it swing. I removed my original track comments as I do not want to influence anyone as far as the track sounds like another song or group.
I’m on version 2 of this track as the Heavy zep influence actually for me makes it sound like a funeral dirge.I would prefer as I said a swing to it. It’s just that anything in bm will always have some similarity to that song and band as it’s in my dna. I want a fresh take if possible and different style then bombasticbluesy heaviness if possible. Please by all means … you are 10 times the percussionist I’ll ever be and can do far more then I can. I just make myself sound pretty but playing technique I’m far from being remotely “a drummer”.
Novembre 19 2021 21:55:20
LittleWing Someone told me I will never write a song in B minor that doesn’t sound like Since I’ve Been, Wild Horses ,or Hotel California and I find that true.Ill do more then "Make do". Im indebted to you for all the great music, ideas and energy you bring to tracks. +1
Novembre 20 2021 07:03:46
PJE Always amazing the artistry that shines through your music which I find has incredible originality and inspiration giving all of us so much pleasure….it’s likely that everything has been done or will be repeated in some way, after all isn’t great music just a permanent wave whatever the notes or genre?
Many thanks to you Joe for all the fun and great tracks you make available, I hope you achieve what you are looking for my friend you deserve it
I can hear Mahalia Jackson singing this!+1
Novembre 20 2021 03:14:52
LittleWing That style would be sublime!Thank you, Wade! +1
Super slow minor Blues! Great Joe!+1
Novembre 20 2021 18:07:04
LittleWing needs some real B3 Stef. Not the phony digital kind. +1
Beautiful blues my friend, I enjoy every note! Thanks for sharing!+1
awesome amigo Joe!! :W:D+1
Great Joe !!+1
Thanks for the great template.+1
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