Got the Lost Salmon Blues

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2 after sittin out on the river all frickin day and losing the only fish we saw hooked..came home ..tooted out some blues to this track.and thought.."What the heck?" and made up some lyrics on the spot. I'm not a vocalist..but was fun..ha ha


killer. Sounds like something Frank Zappa would do Ha Ha. ENCORE ENCORE+3
Août 29 2014 17:43:16
akethesnaker Yeah! ZAPPA! You`re right! +2
Great vocals playing and lyrics Mark!:D You should go for bigger fishes! Peanuts with jelly sounds good.
nice one.
sounds a lot like fishing here on The Piscataqua River
Août 30 2014 03:58:06
Fishinmissio Well.our main goal is just to have fun..catching fish is a bonus. All hell is gonna break loose here in about a week :-) +2
Août 30 2014 22:43:00
ToadCruncher your much to hard on yourself man. The vocals are great, reminds me of the Fools band from Ipswich Massachusetts, there singer would tell some great stories using this same style.
nothing but respect, U the man:)
OMG is that your voice Fish? LOL, that is sooo coool!+1
Mai 19 2015 22:52:49
Fishinmissio Yeah..I told my wife I should try the vocal thing..Made up all the words as I went +1
Mai 19 2015 22:54:07
piper Love it ! You sound like a Southern CA. boy, LOL +0
Mai 19 2015 22:55:56
Fishinmissio I have an Oklahoma accent..don't know why..I grew up in Oregone +1
Mai 20 2015 01:38:29
piper LOL, Oregone +0
Mai 20 2015 02:17:30
Fishinmissio 'Cept Portland's a bit too liberal for me...I moved to Vancouver Washington in 2003 and love it here..We call it "Vantucky" +1
Mai 20 2015 02:22:04
piper I'm originally from Southern CA. moved to Tulsa, OK for a few years, hated it, than moved back CA, than moved to NY, LOL. Talk about an education, LOL +0
Mai 20 2015 02:24:31
Fishinmissio Geez..My 3 daughters live near Oklahoma City..#2 had her house sucked up in an F5 Tornado a few years ago...You can have Oklahoma if you ask me..The Pacific Northwest is frickin awesome +1
Mai 20 2015 02:43:48
piper I wouldn't go back OKla. if you paid me! The bugs were gross! LOL +0
I added to your mix, not sure if I should upload it, LOL+1
Mai 20 2015 03:31:28
Fishinmissio Why not? That's what we are all here for right? +1
Mai 20 2015 04:02:40
piper Yeah, but I added childish sideffects after the beer part, LOL +0
cool to hear the voice behind the sax :)+1
Did it all backwards...sax first.."vocals"(sad I know.) If anyone that has a good voice would rather put me out of misery..feel free to ask me to post a remix without the vocals..ha hahaha+0
Great track and add!+0
Cool, love the vocals and the sax!+0
cool ;o)+0
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