Some Kind (of accidental recording)

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If you read this, you'll get why I named it this title. I typically hit the play button and flesh out the song to the chart I make before I record a track. During this process, I do what we all do, I just throw in all sorts of fills from the familiar bag of tricks. I didn't realize when I did this, I hit the record button instead of the play button. I realized it around 1 minute 10 seconds when ...
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I love that it was an accidental capture of something that should have never been! Just kidding this is really cool, especially with the story.

Count your blessings Joe! Have you ever felt like you performed VERY VERY well on a track, and almost dropped dead when you realized you hit play instead of record? I got burned only once by that, but i'll tell you what, I never was able to play that jam again that same way. So sad! Don't let it happen to you!

By the way this is worlds better than the radio friendly version in my opinion. Much more entertaining and moving.
Mars 29 2021 04:58:30
JoeOnBass I have had that happen many times. And it's usually like this recording, I just drift off into loosly bouncing off the roots and like this one, hitting harmonics and sliding around - then I go to record and I do none of it. I'm really glad I hit record instead of play with the mouse. I might do that more often now if this is what I get out of it. Listening again, this is really kind of cool. You hear runs I do in a lot of the heavy metal tracks. +1
Mars 29 2021 04:59:58
DirkL The familiar bag of tricks is a good thing, even though it sounds like an insult. It just means your musical personality. +1
Mars 29 2021 05:04:27
JoeOnBass You know who had an amazing bag of tricks, Vito Bratta. Not a jammer per se, but man did he have some great spur of the moment tricks in his bag. +1
Mars 29 2021 05:13:58
DirkL I'm not even sure it has to be in a bag, or any container. Isn't this also called vocabulary? As in all the little phrases you know how to play out of habit, which seem so familiar to you, it almost feels cheap, but those phrases have to be repeated ad nauseum to get better or enhanced. Call it bag of tricks, vocabulary, personality whatever, everyone has it just like everyone knows how to talk. Of course some people are better at talking than others. +1
Mars 29 2021 06:05:25
JoeOnBass Bratta just had his own voice I guess, I always valued that in his playing. And he had a cool business card. +1
This is a nice take :) onto the other one now ! Glad you had fun and thanks for sharing ;)+1
Mars 29 2021 20:09:14
JoeOnBass Just a lot of grooving, it doesn't fit but it was fun! +1
Mars 29 2021 20:23:36
OliVBee i like the moody and personal vision ... cool chops ;) +0
liking this one Joe :) lots of atmosphere you added with those runs :)+1
Mars 29 2021 20:29:14
JoeOnBass LOL. this is how I start, the typical "overplay" before I record. Some really neat grabs, like the harmonics, I feel I should accidentally record more often. +1
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