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I love that crisp tone!! <3+1
Mars 02 2021 09:17:04
MarcoTJ This is my newly adopted Sire V7: great sounding bass! Definitely a different range of sounds from my flatwound strung Pbass.. +1
Mars 02 2021 16:32:15
JoeOnBass Congrats on the adoption. :-)

To this day, I still don't own a P-bass or a Jazz bass specifically, though for recording I guess I should. I did pick up a relatively cheap Aria, (https://reverb.com/item/34615861-aria-pro-ii-armoured-warrior-bass-1986-green-p-p-pickups) a while back for the reverse P set-up and I've recorded a lot with it, but most of my stuff is active and way too hot to push into a little pre-amp like mine. Getting a crisp tone with depth hasn't been that easy for my set-up. The higher tones I push into it the fuzzier it sounds.
Mars 02 2021 21:42:43
MarcoTJ Are you sure it's not a matter of signal level throughout the chain? The type of bass should not possibly "ruin" your dynamic range to that extent.. +1
Mars 02 2021 22:09:44
JoeOnBass As a less expensive alternative to a big set-up at home, I run direct into a Scarlet 2i2 with a Hotone B-Station. I've got 3 set-ups for the control knobs that do well with certain basses. I can't run the Kubicki through it with the 18v pre-amp, it's too hot. The MusicMan gets three separate tones equally consistent, it's good for that. One's got real bite for the metal stuff. All the jazz, I swap between the Aria, an older US Masters which is brilliant and full, and the MusicMan Sterling - it has a H/S pick-up set-up and it's really spot on. However, there is a crisp punch a lot of players get when they record I just can't capture perfectly with the pre-amp I have. I looked at modelers, I really just don't want to spend on a home recording device. lol. with a little post-mastering I can get it out well, it's just a few more minutes of effort to save a buck I guess. Yay 2021. :( +0
Mars 03 2021 10:20:48
MarcoTJ I use a Scarlett 2i2, as well. Nothing else hardware wise. The bass goes directly in the Scarlett and then Amplitube or a couple of free VST amps do the rest. +0
Mars 03 2021 10:23:16
MarcoTJ Quite honestly, I think amp modeling is the way to go for recording. Live scenarios, I don't know, but some say they're on par with hardware nowadays.. +1
Mars 03 2021 16:26:46
JoeOnBass I have a full Hartke Stack (15"+4x10")with a GK 800RB head and a smaller GK 700RB on a 2x12 for live and no matter what bass I play, they all sound punchy and thick. Recording, I don't get the same effect. My pre-amp models before the Scarlet, I wonder if I should try something post Scarlet. Now I have homework ... grrr. :-) +0
At :26, that base just states it's case, then the space before you walk back in is absolutely timeless! Ill be listening to this all day, thank you!+1
Mars 02 2021 09:15:20
MarcoTJ It was easy to brush up some Colin Edwin memories here! ;) Thanks for listening and the big compliment! +0
very nice sound!+1
CI Section
Very cool bass line & sound! I like the variations:W+1
Cool bass:Y+1
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