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Okay, lets say Brian Vander Ark and Steve Hogarth were on tour and they wrote the missing Verve Pipe song from the Villains album and played it live during a set from the Seasons End album - this would be that song. Rootshell, I'm bowing down to you, this is my new favorite song of all time, thank you for sharing. JeanPaul66 - AMAZING! PJE, you can do no wrong. ~ Joe
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pop, verve pipe, brian vander ark, villains


yes, a truly beautiful work of art by all. it sends the love out... there... <3+3
Greatly enjoyed Joe :Dyour bass play and feeling for this magical song is so right.....incredible how much emotion is in what sounds so altogether simple, really<3+2
Janvier 06 2021 09:00:47
JoeOnBass It's right for a film soundtrack, it's just slathered with passion, I really love this track. I have a great appreciation for Brian Vander Ark's Verve Pipe music, and Rootshell really nailed that down in this track. Add to that the Marillion-esque intro, BOOM - I might play metal on a lot of tracks, but this is stuff that really grabs me and makes me want to play the bass guitar. Thank you for this incredible track. B) +3
Janvier 06 2021 09:37:23
PJE It’s the same for me and thank you :) +1
:W<3perfect bass add, Joe<3:W
B) Joe I found your socks!!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D Happy Befana:D:D:D:D:D:D
Janvier 06 2021 17:00:14
JoeOnBass If my grandfather wasn't Sicilian, I wouldn't know who Befana was! :D Thank you for a great song, it means everything to me to have received your approvals. <3 +1
Janvier 06 2021 17:50:37
JeanPaul66 B)...true I had not thought about it:D:D:D +1
Janvier 06 2021 17:57:12
JoeOnBass Wikiloops is terrific. To meet and record with artists we'd never get a chance to meet and to learn from their tastes and insight. This website is incredible. +1
Nice work by you and the band+1
Janvier 06 2021 16:58:46
JoeOnBass They really did a fabulous thing here, I'm honored that everyone enjoys what I did, it's a really powerful song. +1
this is a great add Joe. you are so versatile, you just know how to fit right in and kick ass, truly impressive B) <3 your add here just completes the full sound needed for this track. thanks for the kind words as well, i was just lucky enough to get to sing on it for JeanPaul and his emotional composition <3 with Peter's and your add, the impact is even more heartfelt <3 <3 <3+1
Janvier 06 2021 17:56:10
JoeOnBass I hope we can make more songs where you add vocals too! I made a reference to Brian Vander Ark, I don't know if you're familiar with his work, the song at the end of the movie Rock Star is called Colorful. It's a Brian song, this reminded me of it, and your vocals held a similarity. This song is just great, I'm so happy I was able to record on it with you guys. I look forward to doing more. Check out the album Villains by the Verve Pipe, it's got this groove.<3:Y +1
Janvier 06 2021 18:39:38
rootshell ahh, i remember "the freshmen" from radio play. listened to some of the album just now, cool guitarwork on that, really dig that style <3 +0
Perfect. Just the right amount of flair. That slide was fun+1
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