The Rat Race remix

step II
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Il n'y a pas encore de remix de cette session !
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I followed Jean Paul's idea to sing this one again after his very nice rearrangement with EZdrummers drums, which was a wnoderful work. So I tried hard to sing it again.. but I didn't get satisfied with the vocals .. tried and tried again, I've turned every knob, tried a million effects - but you don't make a bird of paradise out of a simple hen!! So if any of you cool singes would like to help us make this ...


sounds really good my friend <3 good mix and blended well with the music+0
Décembre 30 2020 13:01:20
Offfocus Hey Root, thank you very much! But I really have the feeling it is not ok this way .. Jean Paul gave me a couple of ideas on the private channel .. maybe I can improve this way ... keep your fingers crossed! +1
du musst dich nicht unterscheffeln Patrik, dein track und deine Stimme ist sehr sehr don’t have to undereffect Patrik, your track and your voice is very, very good<3:W+0
Décembre 30 2020 13:02:43
Offfocus Hi Peatric, danke dir! Finde die erste Strophe ganz ok, dann der Refrain allerdings geht völlig schief und nachher passt für mich nix mehr so richtig zusammen ... Also ich fische nicht nach Komplimenten .. ich bin wirklich auf der Suche nach einer Lösung .. +1
B)I've heard the piece 10 times and it's beautiful also in this version, let's say "less impetuous", but you have a wonderful voice, then also the double voice at 02.07 is beautiful and from 02.45 the piece becomes spectacular.<3:W+0
Décembre 30 2020 13:04:24
Offfocus Hi Jean Paul, thank you so much! But even more for the hints ou gave me what to do different over the private channel. I will try definitely to go with your hints and record again .. mayber not today but definitely soon. Ir became a challenge .. I knew it !! :) :) +1
Super 👍! Du gehst da aber zu hart mit dir ins Gericht. Ich finde es ist prima geworden:) <3+0
Décembre 31 2020 08:26:13
Offfocus Hey Franky, das ist lieb .. aber ich machs neu .. das ist irgendwie alles daneben gegangen :/ :/ +1
Good composition and excellent vocals.+0
Décembre 31 2020 08:31:02
Offfocus Hey Wade, this is too friendly .. but I have the feeling this track does not work out with the vocals.. it starts nicely and then it becomes worse from bar to bar .. In Germany we have word for that: It jumps off as a tiger, and it lands as a bed side rug … +1
Décembre 31 2020 10:15:30
Wade I like the saying, but sorry I also like the track. Your vocals always communicate well. May be just the quality of your works. +0
super gemacht, Offfocus! :) :Y+0
Décembre 31 2020 08:31:46
Offfocus Hi hartmut .. danke Dir für deinen Zuspruch .. aber ich selber bin echt nicht glüclch damit .. versuche es einfach noch mal :) :) +1
fantastic my friend :-)+0
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