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Played it in one take... so some mistakes here and there... Just jam .... PS, the HD is without the drums of the Kronos.. so it is playable for drummers too!


always nice to hear a new one from you Marc :)+3
Novembre 27 2020 21:05:03
Marceys That's great to hear Shi! Think it was in 2014 when we met on this great platform....
Remembering the track #20485 that gave me the shivers (in a good way)
6 years further in time and it's still great to be here and make cool tracks togehter with all these great musicians here! :)
Novembre 27 2020 21:09:16
Shi I soooooooo agreee Marc:) +2
Novembre 27 2020 21:06:36
Marceys A little harmonic groove that could use a lot of input to grow! :) +1
This is nice. Enjoyed :)+2
Novembre 27 2020 21:07:18
Marceys Glad you enjoyed it! A little structure to build on! +0
Really great my friend!! :W+2
Novembre 27 2020 21:09:38
Marceys Thanks a lot Ernie! Not a very deep harmonic structure but played in one take and trying to give it some variations in the rhytmic part.... +1
Décembre 15 2020 20:17:36
Ernie440 I think lots of times "stuff" sounds better when it's a flow of consciousness like that instead of trying hard to construct something that makes sense .. if that makes sense .. lol! +1
You're the master of smooth, jazz-tinged lounge chords. Not only does this have nice modulations, but the rhythmic variations are really nice, too.+2
Novembre 27 2020 21:10:33
Marceys Tried some thingies... glad you listen to it the way you discribed! :) Thanks for your kind words! +0
Hey Marc always like your style and clarity of sounds.This is so beautiful my friend. I have just sold my Kronos 2 :@+2
Novembre 27 2020 21:12:28
Marceys Thanks a lot and very glad you like it!
Why did you sell your Kronos? I still like it... my stage board is a Roland RD700NX but that is needed to be replaced.. thinking of the nord stage 3 88 keys....
What do you play now you sold the Kronos? (never liked the piano sound of the Kronos by the way)
Novembre 28 2020 07:41:07
Stamim2000 Hey Marc, I play only in my studio, never had any band, this is the first time in my life I am playing with so many musicians, and masters like you and I am enjoying it a lot. I am a Yamaha guy from my child hood, I feel Yamaha sounds more realistic and programming is easier. Kronos 2 is the most beautifully made Workstation ever specially Kronos 2 with wooden side panels and Karma is just amazing, yeah you are right Pianos and EPs are not that great for which your choice Nord is the king I love Nord pianos go for it. I am using Yamaha SX900, Yamaha Montage (Amazing Sounds) Novation Impulse for Kontakt and various VSTs +1
Novembre 29 2020 07:39:20
Marceys I like the Rhodes sounds of the Kronos 2! +0
Love it.+1
Novembre 27 2020 21:06:56
Marceys Good to hear and you made it grow for sure! :) +1
Great Marc and thanks for the drummies version too:W:)+1
Novembre 27 2020 21:08:21
Marceys Hey, a drumcomputer is still a computer... needs the feel of a live drummer to get it alive! :) +0
Very sophisticated progressions. Should get some serious adds!+1
Novembre 27 2020 21:14:16
Marceys Would love to hear a real drummer and than a bassplayer and than a guitarplayer and than a singer and than a brassplayer and than a triangle and than a violin and than a ............ :) +1
Novembre 28 2020 19:38:06
Wade Be careful what you wish for! +0
Odie Tamo
marvelous jam+1
Novembre 29 2020 07:38:28
Odie Tamo
Marceys Thanks a lot! +0
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